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The closing parade for the 2014 Blog City Fair!
Blog City Parade

Welcome to the 1st Blog City Parade!

         *Flagb* This is a parade to announce and celebrate all of the winners of "Blog City Fair [E]. Your commentators this year are Blog City Mayor, blainecindy, and Blog City Commissioner, Lyn . Let's take it over to them now.

Cindy: Thank you for that lovely introduction, Calvin.

Lyn: Yes, thank you.

Cindy: It's a beautiful day here in Blog City. It's the perfect day for the 1st Blog City Parade!

Lyn: I couldn't agree more. We had a ton of participants in Blog City Fair . And, all together, we raised a total of 310,500 GPs for Blog City!

Cindy: That is truly amazing. I'd personally like to thank everyone who participated! And, I'd also like to thank Calvin for putting this all together.

Lyn: And, before we begin, I'd like to extend a thank you to those who donated extra GPs straight to the bank.

Cindy: Yes, let's give ANN Counselor, Lesbian & Happy , The Run-on King PDG Member , Riss Ryker , abcoachnz-WFH , and eyestar-Thanks Anonymous et al a big Blog City thank you!

Lyn: Here comes the first parade float!

Cindy: Oh, I'm so excited!

Lyn: It appears to be the winner of Best Pumpkin. It's Marci Missing Everyone with her pumpkin and its brand new blue ribbon:
** Image ID #1978521 Unavailable **

Cindy: Congratulations to Marci! And also, thank you to Janine for her entry as well. I think all of us here at Blog City loved the "Crinkly Pumpkin." Check out "The Competition Corner [E] to see her pumpkin as well.

Lyn: Here comes the next float!

Cindy: Oh, what's that?

Lyn: It looks like a rope hanging from a pole. There's Emily standing next to it so I... hold on.
taps earpiece
This just in, folks! Apparently, Chester the piñata got tired of being hit, and escaped to Portugal. He decided to leave all the GPs he had left in him to PandaPaws;VETTECH Class of '20 , the last person who hit him.

Cindy: Oh, well. But congratulations to Emily, who broke Chester the first time, winning 27,000 GPs! And congrats to PandaPaws for getting his remaining 6,000 GPs!

Lyn: I wonder if Chester will ever come back.

Cindy: Well, if he doesn't, I heard he has a cousin named Lydia in Florida we can use.

Lyn: We'll keep that in mind. Here comes the next float!

Cindy: Oh, it's the Ferris Wheel goers! I hope they had fun on their ride.

Lyn: They all wrote wonderful short stories. I had the pleasure of judging them. Although they were all wonderful, here are my rankings:
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This item number is not valid.
#1979054 by Not Available.

Ferris Wheel Incident  (13+)
A teen-age girl is stuck on a Ferris Wheel with a stranger she will resent. Second Place.
#1979689 by Princess Megan Rose

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#1978744 by Not Available.

Cindy: Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks to all the participants!

Lyn: Yes. Oh, here comes the next float! It's the Pie-Eating Contest.

Cindy: Now, I heard that there it was an easy win for eyestar-Thanks Anonymous et al . She ate the most pies, three. She was even telling me that she hadn't gained a single pound!

Lyn: I wish I could do that. It feels like I gain an ounce just by looking at a piece of pie.

Cindy: We'd like to thank all the other entrants. And congratulations to eyestar-Thanks Anonymous et al for her Reviewing Merit Badge.
Merit Badge in Reviewing
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on eating the most pies at  The Pie-Eating Competition  at  [Link To Item #1975206] !!

Lyn: Here comes the next one. It's Best Animal!

Cindy: Now, I had the pleasure of judging this one. I loved all the entries, but here are my picks:
Piggy Poem  (E)
A poem about a 4-H pig who finds out her true destiny.
#1979160 by PandaPaws;VETTECH Class of '20

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#1959528 by Not Available.

Love is Poultry  (13+)
I love chicken - an unrequited love poem.
#1981862 by Mitchopolis

Lyn: Congratulations to everyone!

Cindy: Now, here comes the Snack Stand. Under the following dropnote are all the packages, and the final bids. It goes "Name of Package" ~ "Final Bid" ~ Final Bidder
Final Bidders and Bids

Lyn: We ask that all bidders pay as soon as possible. Donors, as soon as your bidder pays, you may begin giving them their prizes. If you don't remember what your package was called, check "Snacks and Sweets [E]. If the package you bid on was for two people, be sure that you tell your donor who your second person is going to be.

Cindy: Thanks to all donors and bidders!

Lyn: Here comes the next one. It's the World's Largest Flower Basket!

Cindy: We sold a total of 388 flowers! That's awesome!

Lyn: Now, each of the three winners will receive 25% of the pot, with the last 25% going to Blog City. This means they'll each receive a total of 48,500 GPs.

Cindy: And the winners are... #37 Rhonda ... #84 ElaineElaine ... and #81 Elle !

Lyn: Congratulations to all the winners!

Cindy: And here comes the last float. Oh, I've been waiting for this one the whole parade!

Lyn: Me too. It's my favorite.

Cindy: It's mine as well. And mean Calvin wouldn't even let me see it. He told me I had to wait like everyone else!

Lyn: Well here it comes now. It's the Blog City Quilt!

The Blog City Fair Quilt

Cindy: *Happycry* It's so beautiful!

Lyn: It is! And right after the parade, it's going on display in Blog City!

Cindy: And, of course, there were three special squares with 5K, 10K, and 25K under them!

Lyn: That's right. And the winner of the 5K is E6 dog pack:saving4 premium renew . The winner of the 10K is C2 PatrickB . The winner of the 25K is E7 Olivia's going BACK to Canada! . And the winners of the two Blog City Merit Badges are A5 ENB and G1 The StoryMaster !

Merit Badge in Blog City
[Click For More Info]

Congrats on winning the hidden Merit Badge on the Blog City Fair Quilt at  [Link To Item #1975206] Merit Badge in Blog City
[Click For More Info]

Congrats on winning the hidden Merit Badge on the Blog City Fair Quilt at  [Link To Item #1975206]

Cindy: Congratulations!

Lyn: And with that, our Parade is over. Winners who have not already received their prizes will receive them shortly.

Cindy: Congratulations to all winners, and thanks to all for supporting Blog City in "Blog City Fair [E]!

Lyn & Cindy: Bye!

Cindy: Oh I almost forgot! Have a *Rainbowl*beautiful*Rainbowr* Blog City Day!
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