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Rated: 18+ · Review · Detective · #1984442
A killer is on the loose in an English police setting.
Book 5/March/ Ghost in the Machine by Ed James

Caroline Adamson is the unfortunate murder victim that starts out the story. "She sang along to the song, out of time and out of tune."  She also did not tell any of her friends who she was meeting for her date and where she was meeting him.

Detective Constable Scott Cullen  is working long hours and having a difficult time getting any proper sleep or time for recreation.  He has a feeling that not enough is being done to find Caroline but it is not his job to make the rules when searching for missing persons.

Detective Sergeant Sharon McNeill isn't on the case officially but will help in any way she can. She is only one of a list of characters in the department who will be involved with the case. "I asked if you had any plans for your days off," said McNeill, eyes darting over at him.

Who is Martin Webb?  Another  important question is where is Martin Webb and who did the detectives almost catch at Debi Curtis' flat.

"Is Bain a fascist or something?" asks Cullen. Bain is the character that Cullen tries to figure out in their ongoing relationship. The story will lead the reader on to the conclusion in an interesting way.
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