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by K-6
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Comedy · #1984464
A catgirl and her best friend/ slave.
[A/N chapters are referred to as episodes]

Episode 1:suprise groceries.
"Meow". The Amazonian catgirl poked the human using her chest as pillows. Katio stirred and groggily opened his eyes only to be riddled with kisses and licks from his mistress.

"Hi mistress Ivy, you hungry?" The large kitty nodded her head and kissed her slave again. The boy opened the fridge while Ivy lounged on the large cat bed that served as their bed/couch.

"Mistress Ivy?" The tone of her servants voice told her something was wrong.
"Mreow?" Katio turned and whispered ... She didn't hear that right?
"What was that?" She asked

He whispered back timdly.
"Maow!" She screamed and rushed to the fridge scanning frantically ... No milk...no fish.

She turned slowly cackling evily as she glared at him. "I forgot to go to the store." He squeaked.

Moments later he was at her feet kissing them and sucking on them, she only stared a hair or two twitching at of place.

[ a little while later]

The two walked to the store, Katio dressed in a red hoodie and jeans his blue and black skihat covering his dirty blonde hair. He flicked his crystal blue eyes to Ivy, clad in her pin stripe suit and matching pants she walked close to him. Her hight towered over him as he barely reached just under her C-cup breasts. Ruby red ears poked out from under the fedora atop her head. A similar colored tail waved behind her.

"Mistress are you still mad?" He spoke softly. She stopped and leaned down gently kissing his forehead.
"Meow". She smiled at him and he gave a small grin.
"I love you mistress." " I love you too"she purred.

Episode 2: The alpha bitch.

The sun was out and it was a perfect day for a trip to the park. Ivy hugged her little servant to her,purring happily as she lounged on a blanket enjoying the sun. Suddenly a shadow blocked her warmth,she opened her eyes "fuck me" she sighed.

It was Natalie her rival and worst enemy, the brunette Cat girl snickered at her. "Aw it's the mangy ally cat and her little human pet".
Ivy opened her mouth to respond but Katio beat her to it.
"Hey why don't you fuck off you flea ridden whore. Ivy cracked a grin "good boy" she giggled. Natalie simply looked down amused at the teen.
A swift kick to the gut sent him flying backward into Ivy's arms. "Murrow" she cried and hugged her servant to her chest.
"You need to keep that brat in- wait what!" A quick punch between the eyes decked her and Kaito laughed " you hit like the bitch you are." He grabbed his gut."ow mistress Ivy can we go home?" She nodded and gently patted his head.

Episode 3: childhood

Ivy sat curled up in a pile of blankets with Katio hugged tight and his head resting on her breasts as usual, she looked at him and smiled she remembered when they first met.

"sweetie!" Her mother called. Ivy came running down the stairs and stopped , she titled her head quizzically at the boy standing in front of her mother. He didn't have a tail and his ears were on the sides of his head and lacked fur. She vaguely recalled her mom telling her about them. "Oh it's a mew-man!" Her mother chuckled "there called humans dear" her mother rubbed the boys head.
"His parents put him up for sale." Her mothers face grew dark but then brightened "so I thought he would be a nice addition to the family." The boy walked over to Ivy and shakily extended his hand "my names Kaito"

She took his hand and pulled him into a hug "you can call me mistress Ivy." Kaito looked into her eyes and smiled "Tag your it!" He yelled before dashing away.
"Meow!" She giggled and chased after him.

Ivy smiled at the many fond memories she had with him,she hugged him tightly and kissed him."good night " she meowed before closing her eyes.

Episode 4: Mom


Kaito opened the door only to have a tall middle aged cat girl tackle hug him. He (regretfully) removed his head from between her rather large endowments, and was bombarded with kisses. "Hi mistress Lilly ." He laughed and stood up with her before closing the door
He led his mother figure to the Cat bed and plopped down next to her only to be hugged tight once again.

"Kaito you got so much bigger " she purred "where's Ivy?" Lilly asked.
"Out for a walk, she'll be right back" Lilly held her adopted son to her chest "how have you been? Ivy treating you right?" She asked in a motherly tone. "Yeah we've been getting along great though yesterday, she told me she was thinking about when we were younger."
Lily purred "you used to be so cute" she smiled "still are"

At that moment Ivy walked in the door "momma!" She meowed before leaping into her mothers arms sandwiching Katio between two pairs of soft flesh."Sweetie how bout you let Katio have some air." Ivy blushed and readjusted so till both she and Katio where comfortable.

Lily playfully ruffled both their hair "So how have you been?" she asked her daughter.

"Its been wonderful mom,me and Katio are doing fine." she beamed.
The three continued talk late into the night.

Episode 5: Unlikely friends

Kaito walked down the street sighing, Ivy and Lily were out on a mother, daughter bonding trip. Lily had promised him tomorrow she would take him.
"Hey little guy!" Kaito turned around to face Natalie.
"What do you want?" He spat. She gently tapped him on the head . "Is that any way to speak to your friend?" She purred.
Kaito raised an eyebrow "Since when are we friends,Mistress Ivy hates you." Natalie frowned and looked away.
"Well I have no friends and I..." She looked at him sadly "was hoping we could be friends."

Kaito looked at his feet "I guess I could give it a chance."
Natalie hugged the human nearly crushing him "great lets go to my house."

[a few moments later]
"So this is my apartment" she meowed sitting on the cat bed in the corner near a bundle of blankets. She motioned for Kaito to sit .
"So um what do we do?" The brunette cat stammered shyly. Kaito smiled. "What ever you want Mistress Natty".
"Natty?" She asked "yeah it's short for Natalie." She looked at her feet and gently put them on his lap " I jog a lot and my feet hurt can you massage them?"
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