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First entry of a blog called "Seeking Pi"
Note: This is the first entry of a blog that I've recently set up on WordPress. I don't expect the reader to be interested or knowledgeable about finance (neither am I) here. My goal is to get some feedback on the style and readability so that I can refine my skills as a blogger. Thanks for your comments and suggestions!

I have created this site to share my thoughts on personal finance and investment from the point of view of a complete novice.

When I started to think about investment and money management about a year ago, I tried to look for advice suitable for beginner investors. I, of course, found quite a few good ones that provided helpful and time-tested guidance on how to ride the ebbs and flows of the market. However, I was looking for more hands-on help or first-hand insights from individual investors who would frankly reflect on what had worked for them and why.

Yes, I could’ve joined online investment forums but those seemed to be geared toward sharing quick feedback on specific ideas. I am still looking for a “netscape” where people can chat about their investment experiences in a relaxed and friendly environment without the fear of being judged.

This is why I’ve started this blog. This will fulfill a part of my wish, which is to have a space for self reflection. Over time, this will help shape up my own investment style and habits.

Why does it matter to others? Well, at the moment, it might not. But as I keep on accumulating and sharing nuggets of wisdom, I am sure the internet will do its tricks and start directing visitors this way.

Who knows, in the not too distant future, this humble initiative could bloom into a full-fledged community of rookie investors irrespective of their background, including the size of their portfolio.
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