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Soulis fallows her sister angel 2 earth 4 love, only 2 find love again n an unlikely sourc
# 6 A journey of a lifetime
I had gotten more and more requests to go out traveling with fellow merchants to sell my herbs, potions, teas and mixes. So after about fifty-five years and I had not aged they still asked I finally caved and went with them I did not sell anything I merely traded my wares for helping them and sometimes not even that I would go to heal and ask for nothing of course by the time I got back to my hut there was all sorts of dried meats, fruits and other amazingly hand crafted stuff outside the door of my hut. (Unlike today, it’s all a bunch of amazingly modern crap made in China, Mexico or Taiwan.) I loved all the gifts I got I even used most of the hides, leathers, metals, carpets, blankets, etc. and remade stuff to help my friends and adopted family members, even strangers who needed me. I would even sometimes end up with an elderly person laying in a cot at the door or a baby in a basket, so I found families who could not bear children and gave them the babies (I practically started my orphanage.), as for the elderly I gave them a 20 year boost or returned twenty years of youth to them and healed their ailments and sent them on their way. Most ended up staying close to me, near my river and made it a home, some even asked me if I could help them build a hut like mine and so I did or I instructed them too, and so it got passed down through the ages. Some ever went as far as to use their talents in sculpting to make little statues and jewelry of me for comfort and protection which I blessed all of that with my magic even the merchants asked the villagers and I did the same when they were made. I loved all of the people in this realm and they loved me.
I guess I had become such a success story that even some people from across the seas came to me for help. As time went on I knew of more and more people who needed me. So I learned how to Project another image of on to the person who needed me(Astral Projection), in this form my powers were taken down to a quarter of the normal level, but still efficient enough to help others, even at a five percent ration I could still give twenty years to the dying.
On my journey I encountered many strange creatures but knew them all well; I watched their creation in my home realm of the divine being. I met Minotaurs with a lower body of humans, horns and elongated faces with large nostrils with metal rings in their noses, and some Centaurs with a human upper half and the bottom half of a horse. there was even golden upper half human bodied ones with Deer bottoms (Golden Hind), Half fish people(Merfolk) put on display for others amusement(Such a tragedy. I even freed a few but could not do much for the ones who kept capturing them, Butterfly and bug winged creatures with human bodies (Faeries) or even a wolf like creature featured in heraldries. It sports a dragon's scaly underbelly and forelimbs, a long knotted tail, large pointed ears, and a thin, pointed tongue. They are not winged and cannot fly but it's said that they breathe fire, but no one has lived to see them (Alphyn).
And I have even on some great occasion I saw a Lamia a half human and half snake. Later on Lamia, Greece way down the road in time.) Which instantly reminded me of, you know who; Lilith. On occasion I would even learn new things or she would Therefore “we” would learn new things. Some of the onset flashes of visions would knock the very essence out of you, and some were so mild that it’d be rather pleasant like daydreaming or a wondering absent mind thought.
Adventures are great for a while but eventually you need to come home for holidays (So to speak) or your earthly comforts. Even the oldest of us yearns for home; heaven’s embrace. So, that’s more of a saying than anything, but the going home part I desired, but as always heaven help me, helping those in need I chose to let come first, because I felt helping those in need indeed would somehow maybe exonerate me for my mistakes and my follies. In my heart however I knew that it would only soften the divine beings harsh gaze upon me. I loved helping people, I suppose in a comic book story that would be my weakness. I also love meeting new faces. (Literally new faces.) (I sniggered at that comment.)(F.Y.I (For Your Information) a snigger is a snicker and a giggle combined and, no I did not make that up.) Each creature as I described above had a new face quite literally as in a different type of face. (For all occasions) And along with that each creature had a unique perspective and attitude some very nasty ill tempered. None-the-less I enjoyed each one very much, their wonders and all their splendors. (No not them bearing all as in nakedness.)
I remember the Metadorian (Or Cow/bull headed people) leader’s son and daughter coming down with a sickness that was rapidly killing everyone else but slowly killing them.
One day in market trying to aid an elderly woman with her bloody cough, when fear came over their faces and they fled back into the house. I slowly turned around and I was approached by two large Metadorians guard like figures, admittedly it was very intimidating but I was not scared for I knew I had done nothing wrong. As they approached me I smiled and spoke in a gentle voice that soothed any savage beast. (Damn near put them to sleep.) “How may I help you boys?”
In a deep burly voice, the eldest one said. “Are you Soulis the healing one?” I Smiled and nodded yes. They continued. “Then you, come with us now. We need your help with illness of leader’s children.” I smiled at them and held my finger up. “Hold on while I grab my stuff.” They nodded and waited in the alley. I approached the door to the elderly women’s hut, I knocked and said it was I; Soulis the wandering healer. I explained my situation and she was relieved it was not for her. I smiled at her and mixed a few herbs in mortar with my pestle used a little magic and told her how to use it and when to use it.
I came back out as quickly as I could and I explained the situation to them. They did not seem to care nor wanted to know of this. They were too occupied with saving their leader. They explained the length of the journey of five days by foot and four by camel. They also explained how quickly the village by the sea was dying from the illness. I asked them the direction and what the village was called Noradin after the wife of their first leader. And I explained to them that my method was faster and they agreed that flight would be faster and that neither of them could fly. So I grabbed them and heavy they were, so heavy, We flew as fast as I could go with two tons of brick or dead weight on me. We landed there by nightfall and we left at midday.

# 7 The New Arrival
By the time we had arrived half or more of the village was dead, dying or still alive but decaying from this disease, whatever it was killing off these people fast. And fast was what they need now, fast action hero, me to the rescue. YAY, me! Can you imagine being a newly created race less than half of the way out of the gates of life? Only to have about a quarter or more of your race, civilization or, and city dead, dying or diseased, wouldn’t you not be rather perturbed at your Divine Being(s) or higher being(s). I can’t honestly say I wouldn’t be a bit miffed. Can you honestly say you wouldn’t? Especially if it was someone close to you dying for no reason. These people were in the five stages of the grieving process, which are: First you deny that it is happening and you isolate yourself from other, then you get angry as in why is this happening I/they don’t deserve this, next comes the making the deal with the devil to be released from this but it never happens, then the slumping depression which sometime isolation goes with that one and not always, now for the final stages, you learn to accept it and move on or like these people seek outside help. These people were destitute and in the second to third stage.
The first thing I surmised needed to be done was to check on all the people for the same symptoms, believe it or not some of them just had a cold or a fever. The rest of the people who were infected with the serious illness yet to be discovered were chills, fever, cough, some had lost vision or hearing or both, just looking for the most visual of the diseases effects. But before I go into these details let me explain something else these bull-headed people were usually of the tan or sun burnt skin variety, now on to the symptoms. Which there were more signs as follows:
Pale white with a bluing ting to their skin, Cold to the touch skin, Liquid bowel movements, Constant and frequent incontinence, Dehydration and finally, Massive weight loss and fast
I did not know what this was but I knew a way to possibly cure it, if I could find the source. If I had known about zombies I would have said it was the zombie apocalypse, but everyone knows that, that is a manmade virus.
It was sad to think that one of my human companions was caught in this diseases wake and was the first to die. I laughed to myself and the creatures surrounding me just looked at me funny. The first time I met him, he was 15 and madly in love with … my wings. Yes you heard me with my wings. For the longest time he would stare at them, for hours and hours. Until finally I slapped him with disdainful intent. I met him, he was injured and being attacked by a wild predator called a Savannah, a wild cat. Savannahs were a lot bigger than they are now. About two and half times the size they are now, I guess evolution decided they were too big. I sniggered to myself. This teen was a great fighter but lacked the heart to kill innocent wild beasts. I defended him from the savannah Liliah. I gave her a name so that I could identify with her. She had the most unique markings not like the Savannah’s today, these ones were Like a Savannah’s but with more black, and white with large yellow orange and golden stripes in-between the black and white. Her eyes were purple with teal or turquoise specks. She looked at me and I looked at her. I blasted her with a non-fatal burst of life energy to knock her unconscious and out she went. Sleeping like a lion. I smiled and sniggered to myself again. The 15 year olds name. You want a name his name, his name was: Eon. Son of a caste of merchants and I treated his wounds and made him a hovel with a bed. He went into a feverish state so I had to tend to his wound daily. I did not relish the thought of helping him and I did not realize that human being were so weak. I should have expected it being that they are the divine being first choice over us Divine Feminine, so weak, so frail. He came into consciousness just long enough for me to treat his wounds feed and water him. He told me his name. Eon. I smiled. Admittedly with his name I did soften up on him a bit.
I knew that this would be his last merchant stop. I knew that Eon was dying, and before the night was through he would be dead. Eon was now 83. He’d stayed with me since he was 15, lived by my side, worked by side and learned. Till finally he had children of his own, he told them that I was his Mother. Since he had said he always wanted a mother, and did not know his. So I played the role of Mother for a time and I did enjoy it. His daughter Needa was now on her way to being 30 and she also trained with me. His son Adon and his Wife Molvira, had decided that it was better that they stick to other trades. I guess there feeble minds could not understand what I was teaching to them. I even taught Needa a bit of magic; I guess you could say that she was the first human witch. She possessed a great skill in it, rather an adept.
I would be the one to bear the bad news to her.
“Soulis,” Eon, coughed out to me, with a hand out for help, or maybe he just wanted to talk. I rushed over to his side. “Yes, Eon, what can I do for you?” I smiled down at him, as his weakening flesh, and glazing started turning white like the dead. I love him like he was my son. I tried so hard to hold back my tears but none the less the waterfall, began to flow. My heart ached for I knew I could do nothing for this weak of a species. I mean minor wounds I could heal on others but this I could not. His body was too frail and he was dying. It was his time to go and I knew this. I grabbed on either side of his head and kissed him on the forehead. He smiled back at me. And by the time I smiled back at him, he was already gone. His body relaxed and he released everything from his insides. I laid him gently back down on the bed and wrapped him a blanket after undressing him completely to, I shrouded him and I used my magic to freeze him so he did not decompose, so that I could bury him at home.
The countless others I could save I had to, so I grabbed an assistant by the name of Adelaine, First things first we with my help set the foundation for a building, like my house we dug out a basement with a fire place, a large one with 7 burners. The building was built near the beach and was 50 wide by 100 long, we had to put the dead, dying and diseased in there so there had to be a lot of room for them, the dead went down stairs where I laid them out to study them. This time I set up a little Aqua duct system from the stream uphill to the new building, with my help it only took us a day and a half to finish up the hospital, the reason why it took so little is because I had helped many villagers and become quite proficient back in my area of living, where suddenly a town has grown. The top of the building was built last. There was a window spaced apart by one and half feet, the windows were 5 feet wide with a shutter so that when it rained we could close up shop so to speak or just the windows. I had needed help on weaving beds and putting together bed frames, we weaved one thousand beds, two thousand sheets, sheered and stole as much fur and the likes of that for the thousands of pillows. It was tough but somehow we managed. To my surprise one night another three thousand blankets and another set of curtains with fanciful designs on them were sitting folded nicely outside the door, along with comforters made of animal skins, and painted pretty. We separated each patient with a curtain that went around each patient’s bed split down the middle. I worked tirelessly night and day below the crying and the dying, I had scrolls to record what little progress I had completed, if any. It was already a month and a half into the disease; we ended up burying a lot of innocent and good people in this time. It took me another day and half to find the source, which I questioned them quite, certainly on this subject, was there anything new that you may have eaten? Or have you eaten anything different? The answer for most was no, because in this community they all ate at the same table, so what one person at the other did so as well. In the process we organized all patients by severity of illness, those who were in a coma or near death were next to the private room of the twins who had been placed in a separate room on the east wing, one in the middle, cold skinned and starting their onslaught of illness were in the middle and those suffering from a cold and the beginning stages of the illness or other not so horrible, common and easily cured went to the west wing.
I was told a very interesting story by a man close to death about a feast for the twins (Girl and Boy twins), before this you have to realize that sometimes these creatures like to graze on their greens without looking. About two months ago there was a celebration for the twins thirteenth birthday for one a day for a warriors beginning another a coming of age ceremony. Where the whole town drank wine and ate a new salad that one of the women had tried and brought to the table for everyone, little did she know that would be the plant combined with a bug that would have killed her and is now killing everything that she ever loved or cared about. This is how I found out what caused the illness it was combination killer from a plant commonly known by most as death weed (Wild Rhubarb) and a greenish poisonous beetle (African leaf beetle or Diamphodia Simplex and Cheysome slidaellatin.) The combination of the two the beetle grazing on the leaf while being plucked the two created a unique and deadly poison combination. With a bit of magic, a few herbs and couple prayers we got by on a skirt, a very short one. With a week or two administering the cure every day most if not all came back to the land of the living and went on with their lives. The twins were back to their normal duties. And I built up and extra supply for them just in case, turned it into powder and left a very specific instructions how to use it.
As soon as I was able I flew home and finally was able to get some rest and rest I did, I slept for three whole days only getting up to eat and do my bodily business. I was obviously tired from using both the combination of magic and herbal antibodies to aid the people. Sleep was good, very good.

# 8 Coming of age
For the next few month there was to be a celebration in my honor at my village for saving the Metadorians from extinction. If was a joyous time for all. During the evening under torch lit celebration. I smiled, cured a few small cuts and scrapes on little kiddies who were rough housing or playing horse. One little girl came up to me and asked. “Is this celebration for me?”
I smiled at her ever so gently. “No, honey it is not...” I sighed and wondered why she asked. “Why do you ask little one?”
She smiled back with giddy glee in her voice, so excited she could barely contain her joy in such a little body of only 2-3 feet tall; she wiggled around like a worm on a fishing line. “It’s my birthday today, the day of my birth.” She grinned as big as she could, squinted her eyes and swayed back and forth with her hands behind her back, holding them. “On days of my birth my family and friends usually give presents of things I can use, wear or fun objects, like toys.”
I smiled in a huge grin as she did. “I well I didn't know, Hun, but I shall create something for you.” I put my hands behind my back. All you could see is a glow of blue light behind my back. The little girl tried to see what I was conjuring but I moved out of her sight every time she tried to peek around the corner of my body. I clasped my hands one on top of the other to surprise her. “What is it, what is it?” She Smiled even more gleefully and jumped up and down. “Here” I opened my hands to show her a beautiful necklace with a silver chain and a glowing circular amulet of a large red stone, with a turquoise blue stone circling it, no metal to hold stones together even pendants top loop is also made from turquoise. “Wow, it's so pretty, what is it for?” I smiled down at her. “...it’s a necklace; you wear around your neck.” She sighed, with even more joy. “What is your name little one?” I smiled back, putting my hands back to my side in a relaxed position. “My name is Mary, kind lady.” I looked into the child’s eyes and saw her fate line, a line of love, laughter and children. “Little Mary, no matter what happens this necklace will protect you, I imbued it with magic, to protect and keep you and your heirs safe.” I could tell that little Mary was getting bored, so I hurried it up. “Mary, you will have two children, one male named Jesiahs (Jesus), and One Female named Sarah, give the female this necklace when it is time.” She smiled back and nodded her head. And wandered off to show her parents, who smiled and waved back. Her father and mother had come to my growing village with a deathly illness, I gave them a few more years with their daughter, since their daughter Mary was only 7, by the time she would become 17 her parents would be dead anyway.
Many years passed, my fortune came to pass upon Mary. Mary bore two Children; one male child named Jesiahs (Jesus), and one female child named Sarai. The Child Sarai went off to obscurity, while the Child Jesiahs become a historical legend in what is now known as the bible under the name Jesus. One thing they never mention though is that Jesiahs, got married to another women named Sarah, no not his sister and had one female child named Alaiya, who went to live with her aunt, who lived in secrecy and was never made reference in the great book of both fiction and non-fictional stories; The Bible. As Paul Harvey would say: “And now for the rest of the story.”
Even though I have to admit the Bible does have some good guidelines to live by, such as the 10 commandments.

# 9 Medicine, oh, my medicine
The pulps in medicine are one of the easiest things to make. Take some firewood ash mix in with your medicinal herbs and you have a basic pulp. Oh don't forget to grind with a mortar and pestle of course. You can also take sifted, cleaned out dirt. You clean the dirt by using a sifter and a bowl, sifting the dry dirt into dust. If you are poisoned or infected with puss this is a good idea, especially with some goldenseal root powder and some bone knit or comfrey as the bandage, wrapping cloth around it to bind it to the wound, this draws out the poison.
Don't ask why I am ranting about medicine. Maybe one day this will come in handy for someone. I snickered to myself, why am always trying to be, so, helpful. Maybe it’s the need to repent for something I am not sure I did. Maybe it's for failing to keep to my duties, failing to please the one above. In humans I have noticed that if they fail to live up to their parent’s expectations they tend to feel remorse as if something or someone special had died on them. And I keep coming back to the line: No one can make you feel bad but yourself. You are the only one who can give permission to make you feel bad, except yourself. Now-a-days it is as true as it was then.
Medicine always gets harder and harder to maintain medicinal medication, when the techniques keep getting more technical to do, such as alchemist. Being the original alchemist I still rely on old methods and magic to get things done.
For several hundreds if not thousands of years I helped and gave medicine to anyone and every I could help, hearing stories along the way of how there were new Divine Beings and how the diving being’s creations became myth and were wiped out one species at a time. For a while there little was spoken of Lilith and her adventures. Until finally one day I got this funny and strange material all scrolled up into a tube from her, saying she was going to have a baby with a man she loved. I went to see the baby every so often until I was no longer welcomed there. Only to find out that they had fight or quarrel like Luci and the Divine Being, at this time a great sadness had come back over me to remember the past events that lead us to be here. I did notice something rather strange though her child remained by his father’s side, I assumed not by choice though. When I asked Adam about it, he got real strange and pointed to his new Bride Eve, saying that she had, had the male child. It was almost as if Lilith had been erased from their memories. I also assumed that this was Divine Beings doing, sometimes it seemed as though it, itself was also doing the work for wrong, for evil. It just didn’t seem right. Lilith, oh, my Lilith was gone from them, I knew then and there in some strange way that I would probably not see her again, even though I hoped I would but could not guarantee that I would. Then suddenly I realized, how very human of me, to have doubts and let my hopes cloud those doubts with something positive. It made me smile. I soon left after that waving goodbye the white haired boy, whose destiny was a tangled mess.

# 10 Lost in losing
My Mind for the rest of the days sent messages out to Lilith, wishing her well and that she would come home. I got no reply. Sometimes the winds carry psychic messages to nowhere. The winds, the earth, the water, the fire and human spirit all carry one thing; life, they are all alive. If the wind could talk, it’d tell you horror stories and beauty, and many other things including well kept secrets. Winds talking listen to me, I mean yes the wind is in a sense its own essence, its lively and has a spirit just like anything that is living or once lived. Take for example Alchemy; it is based on using more than one spirit or essence to create something entirely new. Do you realize if they had actually found a way to create gold from lead? No one would be poor and everyone one would more than likely base their lives on greed, the need for more.
Enough about that, ranting again, and I would apologize but I do not feel sorry for ranting. Sometime good stories come from ranting or and bonding time with others. For the next few hundred years I was in a constant state of worry, until one day. Arrived a message on the winds from someone new, that Lilith’s son had found her and had awakened, thus becoming the first vampire. Lilith always did say she could only bear monsters, I guess she was right. I never could remember Lilith’s son’s name. It was almost as if something or someone did not want me to know his name. I figured it must be for a reason; however that never stopped me from trying to find out on occasion, by magickal means. The magic would always come back with it starting with a cork; they couldn’t make up their proverbial minds.
One of the most amazing things I ever saw was the changing of the weather or the turning of leaves. The first snow of the year was falling, like the fluttering wings of a thousand butterflies at noon: so soft, so innocent, and so pure. It made me want to crush it. To ruin its perfection, as I had been ruined, as I had been sullied by my own fault, and by my own hands. I love it when the leaves fall they also remind me of fluttery wings of butterflies. Now the leave turning colors and falling on the ground was another one of my favorite seasonal changes, the colors and the beauty of change. Sometimes change can be good, but sometimes change can kill you. For example a plague comes and wipes out half your town, not such a good change, yet it is change. Maybe plagues are the divine beings way of thinning out the population, one will never know. Another of my favorite weather and seasonal changes is warm rain; it’s as if you are outside taking a shower, especially if it is torrential rain.

# Life So Blue
A night as bright as day while bathing in a smaller Oasis (Like a hot tub), a pale rider up upon my camp or village, asking to be sheltered. Defensively, I glanced up from my bathing in the nude, my breast rising and falling with the wind moving the water. At my side, by my hands was my sword of Ice called: Anfa Oighir and a Sword of Fire called: Dóiteáin Anfa. I could hear the flop of feet or horse feet, and a stranger atop the horse. “Who are you?” I looked at his luxuriously rich white hair, beautiful pale white skin, and golden yellow eyes like a hungry wolf, and sharp point fangs, with a set of pointy ears. I couldn’t get over it, how beautiful he was and atop a steed befitting a black mare with unusual red eyes and black wings. Came. So beautiful, so handsome, and so wonderful. He was my everything in my world. When I first met him, he was rather masculine and androgynous looking with abs, the abs that you could bounce a metal coin off of them, he was hairless like a baby. I think at this point in time my arms and legs had more hair on them and that's not combined. His face was clean off hair. His head of hair was white as heavenly realm light of or of addaxes clean for, white just like his skin. Brown eyes, like mud with red spots that looked of blood. He was the same height as I am. About 6'0"- 6'1", it made love making on the same level or height. I sniggered at that, same equality, equalizations, etc.
In this post madness of a world being equal was never actually equal; there was no justice or fairness, even though inside our shining golden city. We were all equal, women, men, beast of none, food variety, we did not kill sentient beings for food, unless provoked or warred upon. We were a peaceful and tolerant dare I say Utopia of freaks. The best damn freaks ever. "Yay." I shouted to myself in celebration.
“And what do you want, stranger?” I looked at him curiously, with a bit of lust and hostility in my voice; after all he did have me at a bit of a disadvantage. The stranger looked down at me while dismounted from his mare: “I mean you no harm, my friend.” He smiled at me with no teeth revealed. I smiled back. He asked. “May I join you in the water?” He and I nodded in a positive way as if to say that he could join me in the oasis and his nod was in agreement with me. He then proceeded to undress himself. He slowly took his armor, like a modern stripper. His chest slowly started to reveal itself as he took off more and more of his clothing, I was almost hoping he had more clothing to take off, because that was the best part of him taking off the armor and clothing off, but finally he was undress. I could not help but blush at his nakedness and I swear I saw blush on him as well. “I hear that there is a place where I can seek shelter and the comforts therein, and that is all I seek.” I relaxed a little as he was equal to me well at least on the nakedness level.
I smiled a brief quick smile at while my wings flexed out, then back and relaxed up against my back. He smile back at me but not in a brief smile it was a full flash of fangs. They were nit big they were just large enough that if he was to bit someone it pierce the skin enough to bleed someone or thing out. I could not help but stare at his fangs they were four teeth apart from each other, exactly on the canines and there was only one on each side. I was lucky, he was watching my wings when they flexed or expanded as I was watching his fangs as he smiled. His lips closed in to hide the fangs, so now he was smiling sweetly with closed mouth smile, sometime I imagine hard to do with canines that big.
I waved my hand back and forth. “Sorry, I could not help but notice your teeth.” He put both his hands up and shrugged his shoulders, letting his hands fall to his sides again. “It is okay, I am acclimatized to people staring at my unusual teeth and as I could not help but stare at your beautiful wings, they are also unusual.” He moved closer to me, so that it was easier to talk to me, I assumed. As he moved closer I did not feel any danger from him so I did not mind. I could tell that he like me. “Do you desire me stranger?” He put his arm around me. “Was it that obvious?” He smiled mischievously at me.
“My name is Caine; I am eldest son of Adam and Lilith of Eden.” My eyes perked up, to see the fruit of my beautiful sister’s loins; he was a product of some beauty. I smiled at him in excitement and then let it simmer a bit. “I am like you mother of the divine beings, place of rest and development.” He looked at me a little shocked but happiness crept into his eyes. He nodded to tell me go on. “I was your mom’s nest friend and Feminine Divine sister, a sister in essence, we fell almost one after the other.” I thought to myself it’s a good thing, we were not blood related. My kinship was not that of a blood relative but of sisterly best friend that you would trust with all your heart and soul, until she fucked your boyfriend or husband. My thoughts had wandered and guess my eyes had gone blank. Caine touched my shoulder and an instant sensation of energy and lust went through, I imagine it went through him to at great intensity. I gave no sign of this, but he sure did he let his hand slip down to my arm as he shook his head, shaking off the feeling, I observed him as he did this and gave him a half smile. I laid my head back upon the stone I had laid around the oasis to keep the walls from caving in. I purified the water with my magick to be a clear blue to teal blue, and I put an insect and animal ward around to prevent them from falling in and dying in it or getting lost, there was however fish of many colors but harmless ones.
I looked at him; he relaxed again, moving a little closer to me, by this time we were only about a foot away. “Well, dear Caine, you may call me Soulis, this is the name I choose to be called in this day and age.” He smiled and put his arms behind his head and relaxed on the cut stone boundary as I was doing too. “Well, Soulis, it is very nice to meet you.” He said this with some sexual tension in his voice. I looked over at him, looking up at the stars and smiled at him. I sighed and he sighed.
I spoke in a straight no deviations voice of seriousness. “We will see how you do. All of my people are on trial bases when they join this closed community town just as you will be.” Caine put his left arm across his chest in a basic salutation greeting and thanked me immensely. “Thank, very much Lady Soulis. I have been a nomadic for so long, and it will be good to have a home to call my own for once, “I hope.” He muttered as he grinned with no fangs this time. I smiled back once again catching myself staring at his pearly white teeth. He smiled and noticed that I was looking at his fangs, again. He laughed a little. “You are doing it again.” He said in a flirtation tone and I shrugged. “Sorry, but your fangs are gone?” I asked in both a comment and question. He nodded his head. “Yes, when I am relaxed I can retract my fangs, However when I am angry I swear they get ten feet long.” He was exaggerating this time, trying to lighten the mood. I snickered at the comment, putting my hand up to my face. As if to say ha, ha, funny, you got me and shook my head.
Insert Sex Scene and make her people begin to fall ill, especially old and inferred, enfeebled become ill as Caine grows paler by the year end.

71. Over the next 1,000 years Caine grows fond of Soulis as does she of him. On more than one occasion Caine Proves his loyalty and worth in the village, but strangely is allergic to the sun.
72. Caine finally confesses his love for Soulis to her. She accepts and they get married and he reveals what he is.
# Suffering, the double edged sword of pain
73. She says: “If I am to truly be your wife then I must join you in this curse or gift of yours.” Caine is saddened by this but it is true. “Sadly I agree with you, I had hoped no one would ever have to share my burden with me.” He turns Soulis. Her hair turns white, she grows fangs, her wings turn black with opal iridescent. (You have the beginning of the vampire race.)
74. Caine and Soulis build their first true city out of mason work. (Hence the masons are born)
75. Lilith in this time learn when she sleeps when human or any type of male she does not bear normal children, so she bears monsters/Demons: Werewolves, Succubi/incubi, lamias, demons, and other of the like. (The mother of all demons.)
76. Caine and Soulis live and love together for centuries unchallenged by anyone or anything, their city grows and becomes a safe haven for all including humans.
77. Lilith fades into the background, after breading as many unique children as she can.
78. Caine and Soulis learn of their children’s discontent with the ongoing reign.
79. A war is raged Parents against Children.
80. Caine must make a false journey as he was tricked by Soulis’ teacher into going on a false journey.
81. Soulis see this and knows if she goes she will die, she begs him not to go but he does not believe her.
82. Soulis is saddened by this.
83. Soulis’ teacher tricks her as well and incapacitates her, by removing her heart.
84. Caine returns to find his beloved put to eternal slumber.

Caine is infuriated and vows revenge on our child that betrayed us, he writes the first laws of punishment. Finally a double wide coffin is made of the finest materials of the land, of gold, and blood of the eldest vampires including Caine’s. Caine, out of great sadness disperses our children, to the land, and tries to discover a spell or cure for me.
Caine my beloved had returned to me, alas too late. I could feel his sorrow and rage. More sadness in my life, for I was not dead just slumbering for the day that I would be awakened in the future. I knew in his rage that he would find our son that had done this wrong to me and right it, by blighting and destroying him and all his followers off the face of this planet, and maybe even in the next one too. Months had passed if not years had passed as he wandered out in search of my cripplers, those that had wronged their mother. I still could not understand what I had done wrong to deserve this my heart where ever it was sank. When Caine had returned, he returned with my heart and the traitors, to stand judgment.
In the meantime a double wide sarcophagus was created for with wing indentations in the lid, so that when I did awaken, I would have room to stretch my wings out. The truly sad thing was I had told my beloved of this, in a vision I had. Yet, he went off to a call from a diplomatic foreigner wishing to meet with him 4 months out, it seemed a bit suspicious. Then the visions started coming the dread visions of pain and anguish, they would have killed any ordinary mortal. It was a good thing I was not mortal, anymore or had a high mortality rate. My vision consisted of this: my son betraying me and me dying, however since I had all this time to think to myself. I wondered why the visions had come back. Why was I betrayed? All these whys but no answers or no A to my Q, so to speak.
While I was in this state my husband, put my heart back in my chest and gave it blood, but I did not awaken. He tried every blood ritual and magicks he could find but non worked, until one day a see’er a human see’er braved the castle with news of my condition. She was tall and beautiful with Blonde hair down to her calves and little short hairs in front going to her chin, along with a set of bangs to her eyebrows, curled over like a wave. She explained to my beloved that her name was Tara or as you would know her as Zillah the zealous. Her eyes sparkled like polish turquoise a teal blue, a bright teal blue. She was skinny and pole, with adequately sized breast, just enough for a handful and a cute little rumpus or butt, also a handful. I would almost guarantee that she was a virgin, too. Most see’ers in my time believed that if they were not pure they could not see the vision of the future, or the vision of fire, because of the physical pain they caused those who had them. I could tell she was attracted to my believed but there was nothing I could do, the wheels of destiny were already set in motion. He was as usual oblivious to anything because he was still in mourning; he did not feel as mortal men did, he only lusted after me. This was very endearing and touching to me.
Loosing someone can be heart wrenching. The sadness is like an endless well, a well so deep, you could throw a coin in it and eventually it would loop back around the universe, through time and space, Unless it was bumped or picked up. Even when you least expect it, it comes back, like a bad rash of poison Ivy, it itches then you have to scratch the itch and hope it goes away. but then you have gone and done it you scratched so much that it has started to bleed, and now look what you have done you have bleeding wound. Which will fester, puss and need drained daily, if not cleaned.

Now happiness has its own threats it can make. When you are determined to be the best possible Emo you can, in the modes of sadness and anger. Here comes fucking happiness being a creep, again. Creeping its way in by way of something humorous or a friendly face that you accept or are happy to see. Saying hello, notice me, here I am, I am here, waiving its proverbial hands like a fool, back and forth, continually speaking the chants to get you to notice. I am your friend and you know me, you know it would also be easier if you smiled and you'd use fewer muscles plus you would feel a lot better, too. Goddammit happiness, I will tell you this one last time, go away.
Nahh, Happiness is okay with me. I mean admittedly we are still at odds and not the best of friends, because of the missing time and loss in my life. I scarcely remember what my father figure, the divine being, was like, its a vague notion in the back of my head of its love and light.
She had said to him of what was to come:
“You are queen and beloved will rise on the blood moon of twenty thousand and thirteenth years in the future of the Common Era (CE) in a strange place of antiquity...” She paused as she grimaced in pain with vision coming again. “…But before this happens you must fill her water/air tight sarcophagus with blood of the traitors, and of your own. My king …” And then she passed out and hit the floor like a rock. I guess the vision was too painful for her to withstand. She was then moved to the sick ward and never heard of since.
If there was one thing I knew about my beloved was, was that he or his mourning period was quite extensive. He mourned for lifetimes, for years, for hundreds of years. In some cases, yes, it was hundreds of years. I do not think that my husband would ever stop mourning the loss of me or the near loss of me. To him I would be lost forever to him.
So he did just that and sealed me away with guards to protect me from harm and commenced upon a journey of his own fate. Caine wandered off into the land of Nod. Where he found a land of mist and frozen tundra’s with ice caves, now called the either the Netherlands, Greenland or sunless parts of Alaska, I can’t remember which, But before he left, he carved something on the side of my sarcophagus, killed the traitors by draining their blood into my Sarcophagus, and his own while drinking of someone else’s life blood whom of course volunteered for the kings service. He then sunk our city into the ground with eternal guardians.

# The End is nigh
Thousands of years later my tomb was discovered by a female archeologist, an archeologist named: Susan Kent. Of course the Eternal guardians without blood they tend to turn to dust and guard nothing but the sands. My double wide Sarcophagus was with great losses, was moved to the London Museum; the Museum Of London under the direction of the director Jack Lohman, later in 2012 taken over by David Spence to move Soulis’ double wide Sarcophagus it took a forklift or 8 – 10 strong males. The double wide Sarcophagus read:

(“Of my beloved, til we are reunited, in her awakening of the harvest moon.”)(Blood Moon)
The director, the archeologist, and about five workers all started to smell a smell of iron of blood, turning, as the moon started to change color to orange-ish red they try to find the smell but only come to one conclusion that it is in the double wide Sarcophagus. The archeologist and the director look around. The archeologist following the arrows to find a switch that basically says open here.
The Entire time this is going on I am awakening and listening to them, with my angelic abilities I am able to adjust to the new language, interesting though, it is a bastardization of a bunch of different languages.
The double wide Sarcophagus opens in the middle like splitting an apple in two, with wing indentations, as my wings unfold to fill the space. As the double wide Sarcophagus opens up, they are horrified for it is filled with blood, ancient blood, dead blood, but as they look all they see besides the blood is a beautiful face floating to the surface, a paper white face followed by my large black iridescent wings.
They found a small golden box. They opened it and the women shrieked and the men gasped, for they had found a beating heart, still alive and still beating, as if magick kept it alive. They are mesmerized by my face, the beauty of my face, my white face surrounded by the blood in the sarcophagus.
The blood in my sarcophagus started to disappear into my body being sucked into my every pore. In this moment the Archeologist (being she’s female) becomes un-mesmerized and starts to freak out ever so slightly, because she instinctually knows that my body is not dead and is reviving and that, something dead is coming back to life. The Archeologist tries to get the attention of the others but failed to, I was surprised she had the will to with my beauty. The men of the group were stunned; women however were not as stunned but still a bit of lesbian intrigue, college days.
I opened my eyes, my white eyes were now turning a light blue, then to medium blue and I slowly arose from my double wide Effigy Sarcophagus naked, and my wings expanded as wide as they could which was about eight feet wide and three to five feet wide. It felt so good to have my wings expanded they felt so stiff, and it hurt so bad to release them, but I had to, they were stiff and achy as if winter was coming or had come and the weather was turning for the worst and no not bratwurst. Just joking, about the bratwurst.
The Archeologists looked terrified. My head came up out of the pool of blood first and the rest of me was naked rising up out of a pool of blood. Blood soaked every crevice of my body. Naked and covered in blood, I approached her, with one hand out, and gentle smile. With my mind, I told the Archeologist and her assistant? I am alive and I am finally free of my tomb. Please do not fear me. I mean you no harm. I am but a simple being.
The archeologist looked as though they were relaxing, finally. I asked: “What year is this, my friends?” The Archeologist’s minds buzzed with pictures of amazing, horrible, and incredible new technology. She spoke in monotone hypnotized voice: “2013”.
I sighed, to think that the years had flown by me as if the stretch of my mind could almost not fathom it, but somehow I managed to. Years and Years of my life gone, because of the betrayal in my life. It angered me and my heart hurt so bad from everything that I had lost, all of my friends, family like friends, and family members gone. Dead. No longer in this existence. Tears stained my face as the thought passed by my mind like a glimmer or a fortune to be told by a psychic. I had to get back on track and escape.
So, I used my mind to persuade all of the people in the room to leave and go home forgetting that they ever saw me. I used my ability to make the minds of the Archeologist forget they had ever saw me. To them they saw an empty Sarcophagus, but still amazing find to them. A completely Gold Sarcophagus, inlaid with priceless and precious gemstones. They were also made to override any footage of me with previous over lapping footage or to blank it out, as if a malfunction had happened. In that moment I ran as fast as I could to be away from this trap and drenched in blood. It was a good thing it was raining outside, to wash away all of the blood I was covered in, so that the innocent bystanders would not notice. With pointy fangs, pointy elven ears, and beautiful iridescent black wings. I stopped in front of a store with clothing displayed in the front window. I broke the front window, walked inside and this high pitch fucking noise, only a goddamn dog could hear, but I heard it perfectly, it hurt my ears. I tracked the damn noise to its source, and using my other mind gifts I smashed both the device and back to its source, so the security company had one broken computer. I grabbed some clothes Disguised and covered myself. The Dress I chose had sung to me, it called to me, saying wear me, you deserve me; it was as if it had a life of its own so lively and full, almost with a life and freedom of its own. The Dress was a teal or turquoise colored with gold bead delicately sewn in place around the dress to form a ring, with not only the gold but black also, the bottom had a large black piece of fabric going around it and the top was layered in Black fabric with golden beads, small and wondrous.
And I was finally free of my sarcophagus and on the road again, for more adventures. Now I just needed to build my life, up again, where to start. I suppose I should start at the beginning, I will need to have a new identity or an old identity renewed.
I had decided once I had my identity set up, that I would open up a shop called: Soulis’ Potion Shop, Apothecary, And More. (S.P.S.A.A.M)
The End… or is it?

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