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Rated: E · Draft · Supernatural · #1984651
Groups of people gather on an island to avoid WWIII, but become brainwashed. Not Ivy.
         Looking into the abyss atop this lone column of stone that overlooks the whole island that my family and others have taken refuge after WWIII broke out across America. My family and I and others found out about a place where people can stay to be safe from the violence and any kinds of chemical warfare that takes place. I’ve been on the island miles out past California where the shore is hundreds of miles away. I’ve been here for two years and now I am going to see what is left of the place I called home. No one knows my plans and that’s how I like it, since any guardians or parental figures have been brainwashed that there is nothing more than what we have and anyone who ventures on their own will eventually die from one thing or another. These people tried to brainwash me but I knew deep down that there is something to find on land for I feel a pull to the life I used to know and way more powerful than the threats or warnings of death. Let Death find me as long as I find out the truth about the life I lived.
         I take a deep breath when I notice the sun setting and that its time to jump into the unknown, taking a breath I leap off the one hundred foot column and plummet to the abyss  awaiting my arrival. However, the abyss will miss me as my seven foot blood red wings expanded and lift me high into the open and chill air that refreshes and rejuvenates my senses that are already heightened and head to where my internal compass tells me where land is and head that way.
         It feels great to be able to feel the wind caress my wings that I have locked away and hidden when I turned eighteen this past week. No one knew it was my birthday since my parents are all self-absorbed with the new order and so I had a silent party that night and where an excruciating pain came over me making me feel my back was ripping apart with a sudden rush of hearing and smell that over took me that brought me to my knees. I had my eyes squeezed shut as I fall upon the sandy shore of the island where the waves could be heard in the distance but with my senses expanded I felt I was in about to end up in the ocean. Suddenly my back ripped open literally and sprang out two massive blood red wings that encircled me as if protecting me from an invisible threat which could be the case but me sprouting wings and my fully senses heightened have through my reality in a tailspin. However, it didn’t take me long to fall in love with my new wings even though I had to keep it a secret I had no friends or close family to tell anyway so I kept it a secret and came out every night to learn how to fly for I knew that once I learned I would be free from this open prison.
         I can now see the shore in the distance and with my acute vision it’s a lovely sight however the sun is rising which may cause problems if there are people still left, they could be out on the beach. I won’t worry about that until I spot any people that may pop up while I’m heading in that direction. The next hour and the sun is fully risen bathing the sky in deep pink and orange against the lowered clouds above the crystal clear ocean that I am still over but soon I will be walking on the shore that I have grown up walking on and playing when the world was peaceful. I sigh and look toward the outcrop of trees that has an area that would hide me from watchful eyes when I land. I slow my pace and head over to the trees and finally and blissfully land my bare foot onto the California shore for the first time in two years.
         Tears spring to my eyes but don’t fall for I have found proof that the land is still standing and not all crumbled and rotting. I head over to where the parking lot to the beach use to be and it’s still there as well and a couple of interesting cars are scattered around the lot. Now I know I made the right decision to come and see what makes up my new worlds however right now I need food for all that flying has me starving I’ve never flown that long or fast, I’m surprised I didn’t end up in the ocean after all, eight hours flying has me feeling haggard and hungry to the point I’d happily dumpster dive if three is still any around. Walking past the parking lot with my sings tucked and hidden away by my white tank top and tan shorts help me look like a native Californian with my somewhat tan skin and dark brown hair may help disguise myself with the others I may come across. But, right now I smell in the distance burgers and fries which my poor will power is useless to fight against so I head over to a diner that says Still Standing on the front which I find clever for I am surprised it was still standing.
         The bell above the door signals my entry to the hostess which is just a waitress with a pencil behind her overly curly red hair tied in an up do with a white and black waitress uniform with the top buttons undone to show some cleavage with an apron tied around her waist heading straight toward me.
         “HI there welcome to Still Standing is it table for one?” she asks in a very chipper voice that grates on my sensitive ears. It all seems normal and the way I remember life so I went with the flow, what else could I do.
         “HI, sure it’s just me.” I say in a voice that I hope seems like I know what I’m doing with a little smile I feel stretch across my face to give off a more relaxed façade.
         She takes me over by the side window that faces the street and slide into the red leather booth seat while she places my menu and gets out her little note pad and pencil from behind her left ear.
         “Well sugar what will it be. We can start off with a drink so you can look over the menu. Does that sound okay to you dear?” The waitress named Ruby as appears on her name tag asks with her wintery eyes look upon me with a questionable look.
         “That sounds fine; I guess I’ll have water. Thank you.” I answered with a small smile and she writes that down.
         “Sure thing honey, I’ll be back in a jiffy and give you some time to look over the menu. If you have any questions just ask.” She told me while she was heading toward the area behind the bar.
         I had some money stashed from before we left civilization and have kept it hidden for a good while since there has been no need on the island since we all helped with finding food, water, and shelter material to help keep everyone alive. I take out my little stash from my pocket and see that I still have two hundred dollars that I saved from when I worked as a cashier in our local grocery store before the war broke out. Thank God I know how to save money. I quickly look over the menu for I really don’t care as long as it’s edible and has tons of calories.
         Ruby comes back with a tall class of ice water with a lemon wedge on the glass edge with a straw sticking out. I gratefully take a pull of the water while she stands there.
         “Well, have you decided what your tummy is craving at the moment? If not then just call when you’re ready.” She says with a smile, that really is striking and I’m sure makes this place homier and inviting to outsiders like myself. I give her a more genuine smile back while I answer.
         “I’ll have the triple decker burger with the seasoned curly fries and a chocolate milkshake, please” I tell her in my natural tone which makes me feel so much better when I don’t need to pretend to like everyone or play an actress as I did back on the island where the majority didn’t seem to understand anything besides obeying everything and doing what was asked of them without question. That’s what I call brainwashed. Everyone’s personality’s seemed to vanish overnight except mine which some of the leaders of the move seemed to notice which made me feel uncomfortable and safe which brought me into having to find a personality to fake to survive until I could find a way to escape. Thank God I have wings even though I have no idea what that means but something is going on which I hope I figure out over here. However, now I can relax at the moment with my waitress Ruby.
         “Okay sweaty as long as you’re sure you can eat all that and pay at the same time.” She gave me a skeptical look but I ignored it for she has no idea how hungry I am right now and if I happen to have left overs I’ll save it for later when I find a place to stay, which I should ask around about. She turned toward the bar again and yelled my order through the open window that goes to the kitchen where the main noise was coming from.
         The food came out and with the shake and let’s just says I wasn’t really lady like with my food. I devoured every crump and fry within minutes. Ruby was with other customers since the lunch rush is now in full swing. Everything hit the spot giving me the energy that I was lacking. I feel I could fly for hours now but first I need to find a place to stay until I can figure out how life is now since I don’t have a clue.
         Ruby comes back with the check.
         “Well I hope everything was to your liking, I’m surprised you could eat all that but I am impressed, you could go against my adoptive son he’s a bottomless pit.” Ruby tells me with a smile and admiration about her son. She may be the best person to tell me where the best place to stay is and where I could find a job.
         “Yes, ma’am, the food was great. I was wondering do you know if there is a motel that I could stay at for a few nights and if there are any jobs available. I just got here and don’t know the area that well.” I ask in a sheepish voice for I really have no idea what is out there and wouldn’t want her to think I did and I’d be stranded wondering the area like a creepier. Better to lay it all out there while the sun is still up.          
" the motels are vacant around here however my son knows a place that has everything one would need to be comfortable. After the war and the spread of disease has pretty much wipedout humanity but there are a lot of survives that have been found in the last couple years that gives me hopeof restoring what was lost. I,ll just give him a call and see if there are any open spots for you sweety."
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