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daily flash fiction challenge 300 words
I had them all- joy buzzer, shocking lighter, remote control whoopie cushion, black ink soap,and cayenne candy.

I waited all year for this day.

There was just one thing- I could not find my shocking pen. I had my shocking stapler, my shocking laser pointer, but no pen.

That’s going to cramp some of my pranks- you create a situation where someone needs a pen, and then you " solve" their problem by whipping out your pen.

It’s only 730 in the morning, but I’d already got my grandma with a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. I had replaced her "non dairy creamer" with a fizzy surprise .

" April Fool" !!!!! I giggled as she looked hopelessly at the foaming mess that was supposed to be her morning coffee.

I’m staying there while Gramps heals from pacemaker surgery. He’s bedridden for the next few weeks. I read to Gramps, and help Grandma make the meals.

" Don't be pulling any surprises on your Grandpa....you know his heart can't take a shock right now." Gramps and I had always kidded around. That’s where I got my love for pranks!

" I’m just going to run some of my ideas by Gramps.”

Grandma peered over her bifocals “don't try anything on him- he needs his rest."

I gathered up the shocking lighter, the remote control whoopie cushion,the shocking stapler, and everything else, and headed up the stairs to his room.

I opened up the door to his room slowly, so I did not surprise him.

I found my pen.

My shocking pen.

He must have found it and tried to use it to write something.

I looked up from the still pen in his hand, and saw his eyes, rolled back in his head.

Looks like I did get him after all.

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