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by Bruce.
Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Romance/Love · #1984725
A good evening at the USAF club.
Chapter 15

Terry had been on an early ambulance run to Westminster Hospital and he got back to the mess early. As he walked in, Susan from the band was walking out and she stopped him. "I'm glad I caught you," she said.

         "Aren't you supposed to be on the coach to Halton?"

         "It doesn't go for twenty minutes yet. I'm so sorry about how things turned out. I know I broke your heart, but…"

         "Don't flatter yourself, Sue. I'm not that bothered. I am a bit pissed off you just used me to get at whatsisname though and made me look a complete prat. But I'll get over it."

         "I did love you, and I still think the world of you, but I was with him for nearly a year. I know his parents and everything. When you meet someone special you sort of know you must be together."

         "So, I'm not special, I'm just someone to be abused and tossed aside."

         "No, Terry. That's not fair. You are very special, but you will be special to someone else. There's lots of girls in the WRAF block who would love to go out with you."

         "Well, maybe I don't want to go out with them. I've just about had enough of WRAFs. Anyway, I must go. Gotta get my breakfast and get back to work."

         "Please don't think badly of me."

         "I don't, but like I said, I've gotta go."

         Susan reached up and whispered. "There's something I have to tell you though: that massage you gave me; it was a wonderful experience, and something I will never forget."

         "Piss off, Susan," he said, gave a laugh, and walked off to the servery.

         Terry finished his meal and was just about to leave when he saw Jane walking over with two cups of tea and he felt obliged, and happy, to stay a little longer.

         "So, what are you doing tonight, Terry?" she said, as she sat down.

         "Haven't really thought about it. Why, do you fancy going for a drink?"

         "A drink, yeah okay, but why don't we go somewhere on our own? It'll make a nice change from hanging about with the crowd in the NAAFI. We could go into London. I've never been down the West End at night."

         "No, I can't go down there tonight. I'm on the early morning Westminster run again tomorrow. Tell you what, we can go to the American base in Ruislip if you like. Then we can get the tube back and I can still be in bed by midnight."

         "All right, that'll be great. I haven't been to Ruislip either."

         "I'll see if Vinny wants to come with us."


         Terry gave a laugh at Jane's expression. "Only joking," he said. "Only joking."

         "So we'll definitely meet up tonight, Terry. To tell the truth I'm a bit excited. I'm really looking forward to a night at the USAF club but also this is like our first proper date."

         "Yeah, I'm looking forward to it as well. Anyway, what are you on tomorrow?"

         "Bloody ration truck."

         "It's not too bad, it goes into London tomorrow."

         "Yeah, I suppose so. Not very impressive though is it, running around delivering carrots and cabbages and things all day?"

         Terry looked at his watch. "I'd better get back to the yard. I'll see you later." He said and left Jane to get her lunch.

         That evening Terry met Jane and it pleased him to see the wonderful smile on her face when he said how attractive she looked. They walked through the town, caught the Underground train, and walked the short distance to Ruislip camp. Jane was impressed with the bar. It was nothing near as large as the NAAFI back at Uxbridge, but it was much more luxurious and jazzy.

         Terry looked at her staring at the barman while he was topping up our Bacardies with Coke from a small electric pump. "Smart, isn't it?" Terry said. She smiled at him as a sign of agreement.

         Two American airmen took an interest and walked over from their table to greet them. They often visited the NAAFI bar at Uxbridge and remembered Terry spending some time with them and making them feel at home on their first visit there. They were pleased they now had the opportunity to repay the gesture and invited Terry and Jane to sit with them.

         The drinks were soon flowing and it was not long before one of the men asked Jane for a dance. It was a surprise to everyone, Terry included, at how well she could jive. She became the centre of attraction and it appeared as if all the men were queuing up to dance with her. When Jane managed to get back to the table, she collapsed into her seat with sweat running down her cheeks. She laughed as she looked at the number of strange cocktails that had amassed on the table while she had been away. Some of the Americans followed her back to the table and she looked over at Terry and grinned as their friends stopped their colleagues from pestering her further.

         Terry returned a smile, feeling overwhelmed by Jane's energy and dancing skill. She had never danced like that in the NAAFI. If she had, he knew he would have a lot of competition for her time. He knew she was special, very special, and he wanted to throw himself into her arms. He would restrain himself; he would wait until a slow love song was played, so he could take her in his arms and dance intimately with her, thrilled to be dancing with the star of the show.

         It was late when they left the American base and they missed the last train. Terry put his arm around Jane's shoulders as they set off for the long walk back to camp. It would be a tedious trek to some people, but they were enjoying each other's company and neither the time nor the distance mattered to them. They arrived back at the camp and walked through the married quarters. Terry knew a short cut and they went into a secluded grassed area near to some old buildings. It was a warm clear night and they stopped and sat down to rest on the recently cut grass, neither of them was in a rush to end their night out together.

         "Thanks, Terry, that's the best night out I've had for years. I don't think I'll sober up for days, yet I don't feel yucky, I just feel good." She leaned back onto her hands as if she were stretching herself. "My legs are aching though, all that walking I suppose."

         "No, I think it was the dancing. You didn't half do some, you know. I felt so proud to be with you and that's no bullshit, Jane. I really mean it. In all my life, I've never seen anyone dance the way you were dancing with those Americans. I could hardly believe my eyes, you were bloody amazing."

         She smiled. "Thanks, love. You don't know how good that sounds." She reached down and rubbed one of her calf muscles. "I'll know about in the morning though."

         He rested a hand on her knee. "You need a good massage."

         "A good massage, not here I don't."

         "It's all right, there's no one about." Terry got onto his knees between her feet and slipped her shoes off.

         She looked at him and gave a laugh as if wondering if he were serious or just fooling about. "You know the old saying, don't you? Beware of men offering massages."

         "Yes, but my intentions are honourable, though I can't do it properly while you have those tights on. Would you mind if I took them off?"

         "Yes, I bloody would, Terry. Are you sure you know what you are doing?"

         "Of course I do. Like I said before, I never finished the course, but I learnt enough to get by."

         "Well, I'll take the tights off myself if you don't mind." She looked at him and giggled. "Can you close your eyes, I feel a bit embarrassed." He laughed and shook his head, but closed his eyes as she wiggled out of her tights.

         He lifted her right leg just off the ground. "Try to relax, Jane, you're very stiff."

         Jane gave another giggle. "I hope you're not playing games with me."

         "Course I'm not. Come on relax, you'll feel a lot better afterwards."

         She rested her hands behind her head as she lay back closing her eyes. Terry gently let her leg back down onto the grass. He began working on the toes of her right foot, every one of them receiving its own individual attention. He moved to her ankle, spending some time there, making sure she was at ease before working up her calf and onto the tender area at the back of her knee. She seemed to be finding the experience extremely pleasing and content to lie there receiving his attention. His hands moved round to tease her kneecap before moving up under her skirt to the softness of her thigh, applying deep yet gentle pressure into her flesh. They knew he had crossed the boundary between friendliness and intimacy. The further his hands worked up her leg, the more she displayed feelings of arousal. If he wanted to have his way with her now she felt sure she would not want to stop him. His hands reached the top of her leg and he moved a hand over to the top of her other leg and began working into the flesh around her leg joints. Both his hands were only inches away from her sexual zone and she moved her hips in time with his hands. Her excitement seemed to be getting out of control.

         Her eyelids flicked open as his hands moved slowly back down her legs. He moved back a little and then began to work on the toes of her left foot. She closed her eyes smiling broadly in the realisation she was going to get a repeat of the experience through her other leg.

         He reached the top of her thigh and seemed to linger a lot longer this time as if he were teasing her. Her breathing had become heavy and erratic. She was flushed and it seemed as if her body was twitching in small spasms. It was as if they were both experiencing an intense desire, eagerly craving the move forward into lovemaking. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. The childish look of fun had left her face as she stared into his eyes with a look of lust.

         He leant over to kiss her. They kissed with a fever of excitement and Jane offered no resistance to his passionate advance into making love with her.

         They had a lot to drink, but that was not the reason for their plunge into intimacy. It just seemed to be right, out there in the open with the added excitement of the risk of discovery. All their senses seemed to have sharpened; some wood pigeons cooing nearby, a train rumbling away in the distance. There was a strong fresh smell of the recently cut grass. She felt a kind of closeness and a strong bond as they slowly made love.

         Her arms tightened around him as they moved slowly in unison. She moved her hands up and grabbed his short hair as their lips caressed each other in a frenzy of passion. She moved her head to the side of his, pressing her cheek tightly to his as she looked up to the stars. "Oh, Terry, Terry," it's happening," she whispered.

         Suddenly two seagulls swooped down across the top of them, screaming as if they were screaming at them.

         "Get off," she screamed. "Get off me, get off me," she repeated as she tried to push him away.

 Jane Prudesworthy. Ch 16.  (18+)
Jane realises the truth about her sister.
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