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A poem about Disney's Aladdin
I’m drinking from this bottle
Because beneath the alcohol
That genie at the bottom of it
Owes me my third wish.
All I know is the next boy you kiss
I hope he’s got some herpes on that lip
Or while I’m being honest
I hope it’s on his dick.
I’ll sit here and drink for forty days
And forty nights. A sip and swig
For every time you cross a pass my mind.
And for every text you send
Assuring me “you’re perfect.”
Or saying “You’re a better man
Than the man with whom I am in love.”
And all I hope is that your car,
Gets run off the fucking road.
But I know you’ll disappoint me
By neither drowning in a sea
Or burning in some wreckage.
Because you see, I’d have quite a lot of money
If I got paid for every time you lied and said
“I’m in love with you”.
But I won’t kid myself, I’d be richer
For every time I believed it.
So I’ll drown myself in a bottle,
And when I get my genie,
I’ll wish to get away from you.
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