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Strange things are happening as Ms Moore visits the Police Station.
"Hello," Said Ms Moore quietly. "I'm here about the Royal Victoria Subway case. I have some information that I think is of vital importance." The receptionist stared at her for a few seconds before speaking.
"The Royal Victoria what?" Queried the receptionist with a confused expression. Tutting impatiently, Ms Moore reached into her handbag and pulled out 'The Morning Pages'.
"There!" She said, shoving the article under the receptionist's nose. His eyes narrowed as he read the title.
"These prices are a bit extravagant Miss, but I don't know if they're anything to really worry about." He said, turning the newspaper around so Ms Moore could see. HOUSE PRICES ON THE RISE AS RECESSION CONTINUES.
"I-I, but-I..." She stammered as she flicked through the paper, but it was no use. The article was gone.
"Perhaps you should go home Miss? Are you feeling quite alright?" It took Ms Moore a second to realise what the receptionist was getting at.
"I'm not crazy!" She said, panicking now. "Not, you know, senile!"
"Mmm hm..."
"Please!" She said, almost pleading now. "I just need to talk to the constable! Just for a moment!"
"Do you have a retirement home Miss, somewhere where you stay?"
Looking at her concernedly, the receptionist picked up his phone.
"Hello sir. I have a lady here to see you. She claims to have some information to report, and she.... Sir? Sir?" Sighing, the receptionist put the phone down.
"I'm sorry ma'am, the phone lines seem to be down. If you're willing to wait for a minute, I can go fetch-"
"Get away from that phone!" Shrieked Ms Moore, pointing wildly at it.

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