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by Sam
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Atlantis Carson has an "abnormal" but relatable life.
Jill, Dani, and I walk up to the registration table and I see Peyton Lennon, my crush since kindergarten. He is just absolutely gorgeous with his wavy light brown hair and bright hazel eyes, and an adorable mole right above the right side of his  plump lips. He's kind of like Dylan O' Brien but hotter... I think.

"Hey Atlantis," he greets.

"Hi," I say,suddenly becoming breathless.

"I had the liberty of checking out your schedule and it looks like we have lunch, Chem. 2, and Spanish together."


He smiles, runs his fingers through his hair, and "discretely" sniffs his armpit before saying anything else. I smile at his small gesture of flirtation as he makes his little dimple pop out. Dani clears her throat and Peyton looks at her.

"Oh hey, Dani and Jill. Here are your schedules."

He hands them their schedules and hands me mine also. Our fingers touch and I blush. I quickly pull my hand away and he nods as we walk off.

"He is such a flirt Atlantis." Dani says.

"I know, isn't it hot?"

"Really A? He thinks he's all slick with his 'I had the liberty of checking out you schedule and it looks like we have Lunch, Chem 2, and Spanish together.'" she mocks. "It's such a rookie move... That's why its so adorable!"

I smile and Jill laughs.

"So,  want to shout all classes on the count of three?" Jill asks.

"One," I say.

"Two," Jill adds.

"Three!" Dani yells.

"Literacy, Math,Chem. 2, Lunch, Gym, Elective, Study Hall!" we all scream.

"That's perfect! We all have the same schedule except for electives. I have Drama, Dani has Computer Science, and Atlantis has Music." Jill says.

"Hey Atlantis, why do you have music for an elective? You don't even play an intsrument."

"I have no idea."

But the truth is, I had every idea. I haven't told Jill or Dani about my talent for Music. It was like my own outlet for any problems I had. Music helps me escape from anything, everything. So, I'm afraid that if I told anyone about it, they might ruin it.

"Hello? Earth to Atlantis! What are you doing standing there like that? The first bell rang and we have to go to the auditorium." Dani informs.


When we walk into the auditorium, we get seats in the front row. After a couple minutes, the principal comes on.

"Good morning students! Welcome to Sampson J. High School! I am Principal Sanders and I hope we can have a wonderful and safe year! Now with out further adue, here are the Sampson J. High School Cheerleaders!"

She walks off, and all these girls with too much pepp run on yelling something. They do at least four different routines and run off to sit in the audience. Most of them plop down by their boyfriends and some by their friends. Then there's this one girl who sits by me. I look at her and my jaw drops. It's Jenifer Hayden.. the mean girl since birth. She and I have never agreed on anything, ever. She gives me a devilish smile and whipsers something in another girls ear, and she snickers.

"Hey geek scout. Welcome to high school." she whispers playfully.

Then as if this whole thing was planned out for a long time, I feel something sticky pour all over me. I wipe my eyes to see everyone laughing at me... Even Peyton. I run out of the auditorium and into the nearest locker room staring at my tear filled reflection.

Why me?
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