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Two Futa catgirls play with their pet
I stretched in bed,my ample breasts jiggling as my shaft wavered slightly. A few rays of light illuminated the mostly empty room. A table with a flat screen above it. A large chest overflowing with Toys of both recreational and sexual use sat beside the queensize catbed. A large bathroom lay to the west. I noticed the absence of my twin sister and our loyal pet .I blinked my amber eyes and shuffled down stairs yawning. Only to find said Sister having said slave cling to her cock as she beat off.

"Kiss harder LT!Lick it lick it! Maow!" A large glob of cum hit my shoulder as sister purred ridding the wave of her orgasm. LT short for little toy collapsed on my sisters massive rod,semmingly exhausted. Judging from the large puddles ( small lakes) of jizz everywhere they had been at it a while. "Oh hello mistress Tina." LT panted causing sister to open her eyes. "Sup Sis?" The blonde catgirl replied . I simply frowned and wiped the cum from my shoulder before licking it away. "Cal please explaine why you decided to do this" I gestured to the Pools of cum "in the living room and not in the Playroom. Which is 10 feet away?" Cal nonchalantly dragged the semen soaked human to her lips and licked him clean before shrugging"I was horny and It was 10 feet too many."

I walked over to my sister and swiped LT from her hand and tucked him gently between the massive mountain of my chest where he quickly cuddled in between them. "Clean it up. Then you can join us for breakfeast." looking down at the exhausted human I left the room.

[latter] [Cals pov]

I growled to myself and stomped around the bedroom. How dare sis ground me. "Bitch." I muttered and lay on the bed before glancing at LT. "Sup little guy why you here?" I asked dropping him on my breast. He hugged my nipple before laying his head down on it. "I came to vist you because mistress Tina went out for a jog." He slowly kissed my nipple before looking at me pleadingly. "Go on and drink up!" I laugh and crease him with my tail. He begins to suck on my teat,suckling the milk form my massive mammaries. I moan softly and start stroking my growing boner. "LT keep drinking." I moan and stroak faster while massaging my breasts with the other hand. I flick Lt of my tit. He lands on my Hardon

[Lts pov]

Mistress Cals erection trembles beneath my body. I begin to kiss and stroke it as Mistress Cal fondles her breasts
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