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by Chris
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Same old stuff. POV, MVP, Nominees.
(Previously on Big Brother Posted: Jin and William were evicted from the Big Brother house, for suspicion of being the saboteur, but since both were innocent, players are still arguing over the person. In the Head of Household competition, Tiffany became the first female Head of Household, and the Glamour Girls took power in the house. Hell broke loose in the house as the saboteur made the houseguests go on a crazy rampage in the living room, and the saboteur left a note saying that he/she started it all. At the nomination ceremony, Tiffany nominated Austin and Ryan for eviction.)
On this episode:
Austin and Ryan both try to prove they are not betraying the houseguests
Lynette gets on the trail of the saboteur
The saboteur pulls another trick on the houseguests
The MVP and the Veto holder will be crowned
Will the veto be used on Austin or Ryan?
It all happens now on Big Brother Posted!!!


*Karissa pulls out the final key*
Karissa: Candi, you are safe.
Tiffany: I have decided to nominate the two people I think betrayed us, Austin and Ryan. You are both great players, and it looks like you guys are going to have to come clean to be safe. This nomination meeting is adjourned.
*Silence fills the house*

Confessionals: (Austin) Crap. That is all I have to say. I did not expect that saving William would bring me into this much trouble, but it looks like there is no way I can hide that I didn't vote for him. I am dead.

Confessionals: (Ryan) There was a third person who saved him, but it looks like I was nominated instead. I know it is either Candi or Karissa, so one of them is the third trailer. I swear, I will bring the third one down so maybe they will save me to put up the third. It is the perfect plan.

Confessionals: (Candi) I am sick of all the bitches in this house. They need to shut up and mind their own freaking business. I mean, what is wrong with these people, dammit!


*The 3 girls are hanging out in the patio*
Lynette: This doesn't look good for us, Tiffany.

Tiffany: What do you mean? We just pick off a player everyone wants out, and then we will all be happy.
Lynette: I know, but everyone has their little alliance in the house, and whoever we pick off, they will be targeting you.
Tiffany: So what do we do if we want to be safe?
Karissa: We should probably vote out someone weak and not deserving to be here, not like Austin or Bren, but Candi or Ryan. I have to use the bathroom. BRB.

*Karissa leaves*

Lynette: Scratch everything Karissa said. I have an idea. You know how Karissa has been very untrustworthy in our alliance. Well, this is our chance to set her straight.
Tiffany: I do not see where you are going with this girl...
Lynette: It is true that evicting a player will make someone target us, but what if we evict somebody from our own alliance?
Tiffany: You are not suggesting...

Lynette: That is exactly what I am saying. We need to get rid of Karissa. There are many benefits. Nobody will have us as targets and nobody will suspect the girls are in an alliance.
Tiffany: I am not so sure about this... Tell you what, if someone gets vetoed, I will put up Karissa as the replacement, okay?
Lynette: Perfect, we just need something to make her as a threat.


Austin: Do you think I will certainly be safe this week?
Karissa: Of course, honey. I have close ties with Tiffany, so I think I can manage to make her do as I say.
Austin: Okay. I am glad I have you on my side.
Karissa: *Blushes* Oh, well it's my pleasure.

*Karissa and Austin begin to kiss and Skylar walks in*
Skylar: Oh gosh! Oh, god! *Runs out of the bathroom*
Confessionals: (Skylar) What is with all the lovey-dovey-blah this week? It is weird. It kind of makes me feel lonely because I have nobody to date, and not to mention I only have Candi and Ryan, and both of them are not girls, but Candi does act like one.

Karissa: *Pushes Austin away* I think we should do this at a better time.
Austin: Agreed. I am just glad we are both safe.

[Boys' Room]

*Candi and Ryan are talking when Bren walks in*
Ryan: Hey, Bren.

Bren: What do you possibly want?
Ryan: I just want to say, I am sorry for provoking the fight the other day.

Bren: Weren't you hiding in the corner?
Ryan: 0_0 Well, you know what I mean.
Candi: What I think he means is he is sorry for not trying to stop the fight, like Lynette and Tiffany, not that it helped...
Bren: I guess it is cool. You guys are okay with me.
Ryan: Hey, guys. Who do you really think saved William? I don't think it was Candi at all.
Candi: I know. Why would I want to save the bitch?
Bren: It is really strange now that you think about it.

Ryan: Do you think it was Karissa? She did get in a fight with Candi and is close to the Austin, who was another suspect.
Bren: Actually, that makes perfect sense! It was Karissa!
Candi: It is she who should be up on the block.
Ryan: Let's try to win the veto.

Confessionals: (Candi) As much as I want Karissa out, I really do not care who goes this week. One of these losers needs to go, and I mean right now!

[Veto Time!!!!]

Host: Hello, once again. It has been crazy this week, but we are not even close to bring finished with this dramatic week. It is now once again to pick the MVP.

*Host faces the houseguests*
Host: Hello, houseguests. It is now time to select the MVP before the ceremony begins. Congratulations to...

Ryan! You are the MVP! Therefore, Austin will not compete, and the HOH will select 2 players for the veto instead of one.

Tiffany: This is the veto ceremony. I, the Head of Household, and Ryan will select 3 players to play in the veto. I will select the first two.

*Tiffany pulls a chip from the bag*
Tiffany: Bren.
*Bren walks up*
*Tiffany pulls a second chip from the bag*
Tiffany: Houseguest choice. I choose my BFF, Lynette.

*Ryan pulls a chip from the bag*
Ryan: Karissa.

Tiffany: For the host, I choose Skylar! The competition will begin shortly. Good luck.

Confessionals: (Karissa) All the Glamour Girls are competing! Too bad Austin wasn't able to play, but still, we are going to get Ryan out, hopefully.

Confessionals: (Ryan) I have to try and win this veto if I want to make sure that I am safe, and that hopefully Karissa goes home.


*Players walk out to a casino-themed backyard*

Skylar: Welcome to the Big Brother Casino. Gather up around the table. It is time for the next competition, "Veto Roulette." How it works is you must pick a number from 1 to 50, and the wheel will do its magic. If the ball lands in your number or closest to your number, you win the round and select one player to be eliminated. The last person standing wins the Power of Veto. It is now time to pick your first numbers.

Karissa: 29
Bren: 30
Lynette: 20
Tiffany: 13
Ryan: 49

Skylar: The winning number is 14. Congratulations, Tiffany, you win Round 1. Select a player to eliminate.

Confessionals: (Tiffany) As much as I wanted Karissa out of the competition, I can't let her know I want her out of the house. So...

Tiffany: I choose to eliminate Ryan.
Ryan: Crap.

Skylar: Okay, time to pick your next numbers.

Karissa: 36
Bren: 10
Lynette: 18
Tiffany: 24

Skylar: The winning number is 30. Even though Karissa and Tiffany have the same distance, since Tiffany did not go over, she wins the round.

Tiffany: Sorry, boo, but I eliminate Karissa.
Karissa: Oh, okay...

Skylar: Time for Round 3.

Bren: 10
Lynette: 44
Tiffany: 25

Skylar: The number is 9, so Bren wins the round.

Bren: Just because you are a threat, Tiffany, you are out.
Tiffany: Okay.

Skylar: Final round, Lynette vs. Bren.

Bren: 9
Lynette: 32

Skylar: The number is 34, so Lynette, you win the round and the Power of Veto.
Lynette: Yay! I won the veto! *Hugs Bren*
Bren: Congrats, Lynette!
Ryan: Congratulation, Lynette!
Karissa: Woo hoo! Go Lynette!!!
Confessionals: (Lynette) Oh, the irony that Karissa is cheering for her own eviction.

[Girls' Room]

Lynette: Yay! I won POV. The Glamour Girls are unstoppable!
Karissa: That's right, we rule this house.

Tiffany: There is no way we are leaving anytime soon.
Karissa: We are going to keep the nominations the same, right?
Lynette: You betcha, Karissa.

Tiffany: Great plan. This is awesome!
Karissa: Okay, I am going to go and eat something, okay gals? Chao.

*Karissa leaves*
Tiffany: I wonder why Karissa instantly leaves after we have a conversation.

Lynette: It won't matter in a few days, because by then, Karissa will be G-O-N-E.
Tiffany: Are you sure it will be okay to evict an alliance member.
Lynette: No problem. We can just have Bren as a replacement. You know he is a good pal.
Tiffany: I guess. Karissa is leaving then.
Lynette: Out of the two nominations, I think we should save Ryan.
Tiffany: Sounds good to me.


*Austin and Karissa have another meeting*

Austin: Did you get any more information from the girls?
Karissa: Of course I did. It looks like they are going to keep the nominations the same.

Austin: I hope this does not mean I am going to be evicted tonight.
Karissa: No, I will make sure the houseguests will not evict you.
Austin: Thanks, Karissa. I can always count on you.

[Living Room]

*Bren, Ryan, Lynette, Tiffany, Candi, and Skylar are in the living room*
Bren: So where do you think the other two are?
Candi: I do not give a s*** about what those idiots are doing.

Skylar: Yeah, why do you care so much?
Bren: I was just wondering? Usually, when they are gone, they are gone together at the same time. It is a little suspicious.

Candi: Screw your thoughts, I have to piss.

*Candi walks to the bathroom and overhears the conversation*

Austin: We are going to get rid of Ryan, right?
Karissa: Of course, it will destroy Candi, and then we can evict her ass.

Austin: Excellent. Those two have no idea what they are in for.

Candi: *Whispers* Oh, you have no idea. *Shouts* Hey, bitches!
Karissa & Austin: 0_0 Candi!
Candi: You best take back what you said! You are now going to do what I say, or I will tell the whole house that you two are snickering and going at it in the bathroom.

Austin: Crap! You cannot do this to us.
Candi: Unless you want everyone to know you two are in an alliance.
Karissa: ... Fine!


Skylar: Who wants pasta?
*Lynette, Tiffany, Bren, Karissa, and Ryan run in*

Everyone: Us!!!
*Everyone eats the pasta*
Skylar: Does it taste good? I think the saboteur has been stealing food in the kitchen. I couldn't find any garlic.
Lynette: Uh Oh. *Opens cupboards* NO! The pretzels! I am going to die without those.
Tiffany: Sorry they are gone. The saboteur must really not be on your side.
Ryan: I just want to know who the saboteur is and get it over with.
Bren: Me too. This saboteur is getting real annoying.
Ryan: I wish it could have been like Season 12 in Big Brother where the saboteur was evicted first.
Tiffany: LOL I know right.

Confessionals: (Lynette) That is it. The saboteur has to leave now. How much longer can I go with this person on the loose?

[Veto Ceremony]

*Lynette stands in front of the houseguests*
Lynette: This is the veto ceremony. Austin and Ryan are on the block for eviction, and I have the power to veto one of the nominees. No pleads needed because I have already made my decision. I have decided...

To use the veto...
On Ryan.
*Ryan sits on the couch.

Lynette: Tiffany, since I have vetoed one of your nominees, you must pick a replacement.

Tiffany: *Stands up* I think you will all be shocked by this, but tonight, I have decided that one person must be on the block other than the two nominees, and tonight, Karissa, that person is you.
*Shocked, Karissa sits in the nomination seat*
Lynette: And with that, this veto ceremony is adjourned.

Confessionals: (Karissa) Um... What the hell just happened? Are they drunk or something? Hello? They just put me on the frickin' block! They must have done it for a good reason, but I am up against Austin. Our alliance is totally f***ed!
Confessionals: (Candi) Looks like I do not have to blackmail them after all. I guess I might just tell everyone their secret, or maybe not.

Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house: Austin or Karissa, and who will the new Head of Household?

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