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A new dessert is being featured at the cafe

On the Rocks Cafe

"I have invented a recipe that goes beyond delicious. It makes the consumer always wanting more," I say to myself watching the customers devour the brand new delish dessert. The mudslide mountain would be a hit and the new pop rock energy drink complimentary for the month April with a purchase of each mudslide mountain. Rushing back to kitchen to continue working, the orders continue piling in.

Sal looks at the waitress, the reason why he comes to On The Rocks Cafjust watching that woman move makes my insides move. Too shy to say anything else besides, "Sandy, how are you today?"

"Good Sal. What can I get ya?"

"I see you have a few new items here. What is a mudslide and the pop rock drink?"

"Yes we do. The mudslide is three homemade cookies you can choose chocolate chip, double chocolate, macadamia nut with white chocolate, or ginger molasses with marshmallows in between with chocolate sauce on top; it is addictive. For this month you get a complimentary pop rock energy drink with each mudslide purchase. The drink comes in either cherry or blue raspberry with pop rock candy; the drink pops in your mouth it is an experience I tell ya,"

"Sandy, you have convinced me to try the death by chocolate dessert my mouth is water just thinking about it. I am going to go for the double chocolate cookies and the cherry energy drink."

"Cute nickname for the dessert," Sandy takes the menu from Sal and goes to put his order in.

Sal notices this guy drawing on a notepad. Curious he looked over to get a look at what he was drawing; these guys always fascinated him because of his inability for art, since he was not good at it he would live through others who were good at it. Noticing that woman he was drawing looked familiar couldn't place her at the moment. Watching him draw the long hair and beautiful piercing eyes he realized who it was. Putting his arm up in the air and calling, "Sandy!"

She comes right over and says, "Yes Sal, what can I get ya?"

"Do you know that guy over there? The one drawing you. Did you give him permission to draw you?"

Sandy looks over at the guy still drawing her and just about fell on the floor and said, "That is so creepy. I did not."

Sandy walks over to the table and grabs the artist's notebook out of his hands and looks up at her with a look of shock. He yells, "That is not yours give it back!"

"Wrong answer. This piece of paper has my face on it and I did not give you permission to draw me and I still don't. This drawing belongs to me," Sandy glares at the artist as she rips his whole notebook in half and throws it in the trash. Walking back over to the artist she has her serious face on and says, "Now listen and I only going to say this once. You do not draw anyone especially a woman without permission. Get out of here!"

Sandy watched the artist as he was shaking getting his stuff together and left some stuff on the table in his haste to get out of the caf As he left his backpack caught on the door and choked himself. Sandy laughed as she watched him take off faster than any other human she has seen run. Ding...ding, "Double chocolate mudslide and cherry energy drink, up"

Sandy goes and picks up Sal's order and after she places it in front of him she says, "Thanks Sal you really should ask Rose to hire you for security or something. Your order is on the house."

"Thanks Sandy. I love this place to ask for a job that would probably ruin everything I have got here already. This looks really good," Sal says with a grin and grabs his fork and digs in.

"You are right you already get all kinds of free stuff that would stop if you actually work here. How is the new dessert?"

"It is addictive like you said. You are always right and so sweet to me."

"Glad you like it Sal. Have a good day!"

"You too Sandy. Never a dull moment in this place."

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