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by K-6
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #1985436
In post apocalyptic, a human and a mutant come together.
The year was 4016. The world had fallen into ruin most of the surface had been ravaged by war and now only the poor and mutants inhabited the "Underland" as the pepole atop their tower city's called it.

Maravich was a descendt of the former "old world" Russia

Maravich scanned the empty warehouse for signs of life. The air hung thick with decay and mold grew from every corner. It wasn't pretty but it would do. "Da it a fixer upper." He chuckled to himself. Over head the boom of thunder echoed across the land. Rain entered through many cracks in the old rusted ceiling. "Ебля дождь" the young man swore in his native tounge. The sound of large booming footsteps drew his attention to the entrence. Maravich hid behind a crate. A feline giantess entered the room dripping wet she appeared to be white haired and her eyes where a pleasent green . Maravich brushed his silver bangs from his purple eyes. She curled up in a corner and soft sobs filled the room. Looking closer he noticed a crude collar attached to her neck. A tamed cat monster he mummered. He slowly approached the sobbing mutant. "Da kitty!" He called and her head whipped to look at him. Fear entered her eyes and she scooted away hissing. Maravich noticed she seemed underfed.

He pulled a few cans of tuna from his pack. He didn't like it but maybe. "Da kitty, have some." He opened the cans and as non-threatingly as he could placed them in front of her.
The cat monster stared suspiciously at the cans as if evaluating the safety of the offering.
Tenderly she grabbed a can and popped it can and all in her mouth. She chewed lightly and a small smile crossed her face. She greedily popped the rest in her mouth. She patted her stomach and purred before glancing warily at Maravich. "Good kitty I mean no harm." He gently pet her snow colored tail. Softly pulling out any clumps and ticks she had. She mewled blissfully as each derbrie was removed. "Feels good to be clean" he chuckled "now let me see your ears." She lowered her head giving him a pleasent view of her clevage barley contained by the rags she wore. Maravich ogled her before climbing on her head. He repeated the process of removing derbies until she was clean. He then gently unhooked her collar. She purred and pulled the human to her chest and nuzzled him.

"Da good kitty" he muttered before gently falling asleep in her arms.

Maravich awoke next morning too find himself face to face with the cat monster. She began licking the him over and over. "Ahh I see you are awake!" Maravich stood up yawning. He turned to the giantess who seemed amused by his stretching. "Da I think it's time we introduced ourselves!" He walked around the cat monster "Mine name is Maravich White." He turned and smiled "an you are?" The mutant closed her eyes and softly mewled "Snowy" she spoke. Maravich was not that surprised she could speak, but mostly that her former owner had even bothered judging by the way she was treated. Smiling he stroked her tail.

"So Snowy, how bout we go find some supplies to fix this place up." Snowy grinned and carefully lifted the young adult by the neck of his shirt,like a mother carrying her kitten. The two set out for the day.

A sunny sky graced the "Great pass" a large valley that streached across the former "USA" now known as Calsim . Here and there houses and city's could be found in ruins. The City's had become jungles of more then concrete. Many where too densely vegetated to enter. Maravich had washed Snowy in a lake they had found. She had been very happy to be rid of the crud that settled on her after much neglect. He found it less enjoyable after cleaning her ass crack. Those images would never leave him. He shuddered. "Da Snowy you see anything of interest?" The feline giantess scanned the enovirmint before setting down her new friend. She meowed and pointed at a small path into a nearby apartment building. Any food was long good but maybe there where tools. He walked over and tried the front door. Locked. "Snowy could you.." Before he could finish she flicked the front door away with her finger. "Well it's either empty or the occupant is a heavy sleeper." He turned to her "stay here okay?" She nodded and sat down.

He entered most of the rooms where locked and the stairs had fallen apart. He was about to leave when he noticed a small gleam amid the dust. Maravich picked up the object. A key with the numbers 1694 etched on it. Those seemed familer. He scanned the door numbers and noticed a door matching it. Placeing the key into the lock he turned it. Click! The door creaked open. The room was trashed and anything of value was gone or broken beyond repair. "Fuck!" Maravich swore and entered the bedroom it seemed familiar as if he had been here before. He scanned the room when he saw it. A single photo lay in a frame upon the night table. A old man and woman stood beside two boys of younge age. The room grew blurry and Maravich fell to his knees tears plinking against the glass. "Mother... Father...Brother..." He ran blindly from the room,out the door. He knew why this place was familiar. It was home.

Maravich lay curled up aginst Snowy,deeply sobbing into her arms. The moment he had left the house he had been like this. She nuzzled the human in a attempt to console him. "Why sad?" She meowed. He nearly choked out the words."That was my old home. It brought back memories, memories I tried to suppress." He glanced up at the large cat mutant and whimpered "Everyone that loved me,everyone I loved. Gone." He sobbed again only for her to gently lift him to her face,she stared at him softly and purred "Love you".

Maravich wiped the tears from his eyes, and murmured"you do?" She pulled his body to her mouth and placed kisses all over him. He smiled and pressed his body against her large plush lips,he placed a kiss upon them. "Thank you Snowy." She gently placed him in the warmth of her cleavage and lay down on the makeshift bed they made.

Snowy watched the human sleep peacefully. She thought back to her old masters. They had hit and violated her, she was rarely fed,and never washed. She had run away a week ago after breaking her bonds. She glanced at the man cuddling her in his sleep. Snowy wanted to just keep him like this and never let him go. "Snowy?" She tilted her head. Maravich climbed to her lips and kissed them. "Snowy I want to show my thanks to you." He slowly began screatching her ears,and she purred at his touch. Maravich stroked the massive kitty's ears. I sense of content filled them both.

"All I need is you kitty."
"Love you."
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