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Just my crazy dog
So I was going to do a dream but I'm going to do a story about my dog that went a little too crazy today!

It looked like an ugly day today I was playing minecraft with Anna (my sister). My dad said I should take Leo out for a walk after I bought candy with 40 dollars that I got from my maw-maw!!!
We took the little rat out for a walk he had fun until we got too close to home he started jumping like a mental person it was too funny. When we got into the yard he slipped out of his collar and I took a tumble and hit my head on a rock. Good thing I was ok! He ran of into the forest. Anna and I ran off after him right before I got to the entrance my mom was riding her bike by and she asked what I was doing all I had to do was hold up the collar then she knew right away Leo ran off she finished her bike ride and Anna and me finally got Leo back inside.
Then we started right back to where we left off eating our candy and playing minecraft.

Now this crazy Anna is helping me remember what else happened and looking at these crazy reviews I'm trying to get her to make a writing.com page for herself review and say if you want this crazy chick to be writing again!

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