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A "Parody" of Survival Guides [Not Complete]

Flat Surface Of Content.

Section 1:
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Guide to the guide  1
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Section 1.5:
Materials: Slide 4.
Section 2:
Heat Source: Slide 5-6
Section 3:
Shelter: Slide 7-8
Section 4:
Water: Slide 9

What You'll Need:

* A tarp… or tent or something similar
* Rations, enough to last you awhile.
* Clothing, always have extra
* A first aid kit or similar
* A pot, or bucket or both.
* A lot of water, preferably in reusable bottles
* A backpack. For storage.
* Your brain.
* If possible, a map of the location you’re heading to.
* A compass, always.

Creating a Heat Source


Normally you would want to make a shelter or something first…
But nobody said this guide would make chronological sense.
If somebody did, they were lying, and we here at [JAXARTS Ltd.]
Take absolutely no responsibility for that obvious lie.

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