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Noises made by electronic devices. Contest entry
Our microwave says chunka

Our clothes dryer goes blatt

Our front doorbell plays

The noises of a shrieking bat

The timer in our kitchen

Emits a loud ka-beep

When my dad expects a voice mail

He listens for the cheep

With our computer printer

We always hear a click

Unlike my mom's hard drive

Which offers a huge snick

My brother has a siren

To get him out of bed

Mom needs an ah-oogah

To wake her up instead

The garage door remote

Like a cat, can purr

And the door, when rising

Proclaims a happy whirr

My e-mail sounds a whistle

When something new appears

And my cell phone ringtone

Sounds like ringing in my ears.

My home is now full of

A racket I can't stand

I need some peace and quiet

So I'm starting a brass band.

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