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by K-6
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Comedy · #1985976
Bel a giant cat-girl, attends a school for giantess with her human best-friend.
Bel was many things. A cat-girl, a giantess, and the most feared in Sky-high academy. She sat in class barely paying attention. Instead her focus was on the human taking notes for her. His name was Cain and he was her best friend. She had found him when he was 5 years old left for dead in her woods. She had raised him, and he was her loyal companion. Bel smiled to herself, he was like a son to her.

Cain was also the only one she gave a fuck about besides her self. She lowered her head and gently nuzzled him with her nose. "Hi momma Bel." He laughed before resuming his note taking. Bel sighed happily as the class was dismissed for the day. She waited till Cain put away his note book. She lovingly scooped up Cain, kissing the human before placing him snug in her cleavage. She walked down the hall, the river of people giving her a wide berth. "Hey alley cat!" At least the smart ones. A young giantess (a 5th year) walked up to her, and grinned. The smart ones exited the scene, the brave and stupid stayed to watch.

"I really want to get to my room so if you would move." Bel started to walk around her only to be stopped. "I thought you where all tough and scary." She laughed "but your just a scared little kitty." Bel started to talk but was cut off. "Hey leave us alone and quit insulting Mamma Bel!" Cain shouted climbing from his comfy crevice. Bel glanced protectively at him. "Cain honey let momma deal with this." She tucked him back in

The other girl smirked " Oh and who's this fucking brat?" She chucked before a blur slammed her into the wall

"What did you say!?" Bel growled "what did you say about my darling!" The crowed of people backed away as the cat-girl punched the giantess in the gut till she collapsed.

Bel turned to the crowd "Anyone else have anything to say?"

One giantess raised her hand. "Yes?" "I think your "son" is cute." Bel smiled proudly "He is isn't he!" She purred happily walking away as if nothing happened.

Bel opened the door and dumped her bag on the floor she stripped to a bra and thong and crawled in bed. She plucked Cain from her breasts and snuggled him. "I'm sorry you had to see that Cain."

Cain smiled and hugged her thumb. "It's okay mommy Bel, she deserved it."
The giantess wrapped her thick fluffy tail around the human. He hugged the fluffy appendage like a teddy bear.
Bel watched him play with the tufts of fur on her tail. She raised him with her tail, softly dropping him on her feet. "Sweetie can you massage my feet?" Cain ran to the giant soles and began rubbing them. Bel leaned back in her bed and closed her eyes.

"A little to the left, up, ah right there." She purred content as he kneaded her feet and toes, even kissing them now and then. She mewled happily and wrapped the human back up in her tail. "It's time for dinner." She meowed

14 years ago

Bel looked at the five year old human gently hugging her tail. She had found him almost starving and lost. His parents had left him for dead in the woods, Bel mentally cursed and thought how sick they were. A soft sniffle caught her attention and she looked down. "What's wrong little guy?" She meowed. He looked up and whimpered "I want my mommy!" Bel simpely hugged the child to her chest and purred "She's not coming back, but I can be your mommy." The boy looked up "Really?" Bel nodded and kissed the human who giggled. "And what would my darling son's name be?" The boy smiled and cuddled the giantess "Cain." She wrapped her tail around him. "You can call me Bel." Cain looked up lovingly "I love you mommy Bel!"

Present day

Bel lounged on the couch with Cain sitting on her lap her tail wrapped around him. It was Saturday and Bel had no classes which meant a whole day two days for themselves. Bel yawned and looked at her adopted son. "Cain sweetie what do you wanna a do today?" Cain thought and said "why not go to the snack bar?" Bel smiled and headed to the closet "lets get dressed"

Bel walked down the hall with Cain gently held in her cleavage. She happily munched on a candy bar with Cain nibbling a piece.
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