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This is about a boy who's attacked by...something. by what, you ask. Read on to find out.
  I shiver as I step into the dank crypt and the sense of unease that had haunted me through the short hours of dusk falls over me again. Something was about to happen. Something... indescribable. As I delve deeper into the shadows I discover long Deep gouges in the stone work, as if left by some beast. A beast I hoped not to meet this night. I roll my shoulders, trying to relieve the knot of tension trapped there. I would have never agreed to this if not for Shelly, my friend and the only one who knew my secret. My power. Ever since I was young Id had the ability to do thing no one else could. But I had no control. When I was angry or stressed or ,even, happy glass shattered, storms brewed, and random objects burst into flame. No doctor or therapist I saw could explain it, much less help me control it.

  I jump as a bat flings itself past my head, the resulting wind forcing my hair into my eyes. Laughing quietly I push it away from my forehead and walk onward, my trek only slightly impeded by rubble and cobwebs. i stare as i step into a large chamber, moth-eaten tapestries and ornate carvings line the walls on both sides and in the center of the room stands a statue covered by an old and stained white cloth. i walk forward slowly, weary of the deep shadows in the corners of the room, and stop in front of the figure, wrapping a hand in the sheer fabric and pulling.

  I gasp, backing up quickly and falling to the floor in my rush to get away from the grotesque form. that wasn't a statue. i stare in horror and disgust at the mummified corpse as its empty eye sockets glare at me, as if somehow blaming me for his death. i climb to my feet and spin around, intending to run back into the labyrinth of corridors when a crack resounds from behind me, echoing off the black marble walls and freezing me in my track. Oh, God. Turning slowly i watch, frozen to the spot, as the body jerks, seeming to come to life like Frankenstein, and turns to look at me before taking the step off of the dais. i panic, trying to spark my powers, as it jerks its way towards me and grips my arms in a rough grip, drawing me to him. I open my mouth in a silent scream as he bites my throat, drawing blood from my body.

  Nearly ten minutes later he pulls back, fresh flesh on his body and my blood running down his chin as he laps it from his fingers like a small child would to melted chocolate. As i fall to the floor he catches me, drawing me close to his chest and cradling me gently as he carries me towards the dais and marble throne. I shiver as he sits with me upon his lap and my head on his shoulder, his arms wrapped around my shoulders and waist. i groan as black spots dance in front of my eyes, no doubt a result of anemic shock.

"I-" I try to speak but he cuts me off.

" No. Save your strength iubite. you will need it in the coming days." His voice is low and soft and i can't suppress the shiver that works its way through me.

" Who- who are you? Wha- what are you?" he doesn't stop me this time and i force the words out past chattering teeth.

"I am Vladimir Vasculi, though, your kind refer to me as Dracula, i am the last of the great Vampir lords and ,you, sweet one, are my bride." His smile is the last thing i see as my heart stops.

*** please note that iubite is romanian for sweet one, or my sweet***


i wake with a gasp,sputtering as i sit up in my bed and look around for any sign of danger. looking around my room i realize im alone and collapse back on the bed, rolling over and stuffing my face into the pillows. sighing i get up slowly and plod to the bathroom, squinting as the sudden flare of light blinds me as it reflects off cold white marble. i stare at myself in the mirror for a second. i never understood why others were jealous of me. yes, my family was well off but there was never any closeness between any of us and we avoided each other more than anything else. people were always saying i was beautiful but i couldn't see it. with light blonde hair, pale skin, large doe brown eyes, and a small but lean body i was plain.

Sighing i lean my sweat soaked forehead against the cool glass, trying to calm my still racing heart. i gasp when i catch movement outside the window in the mirror, thinking i've seen a face, the face from my dream, but when i turn around its just a raven. i watch as it croaks and spreads its wings, taking off into the early dawn sky. Forcing a laugh, i go back to bed and pull the covers up around my waist. i feel fatigue weigh on my eyes, pulling them closed. An arm wraps around me and soft lips brush against mine gently as i fall into darkness.


The next day im sitting in the overcrowded cafeteria, listening in on conversations at random when Shelly drops herself into the chair across from me, filled with over-caffeinated, bubbly energy. Then she starts gushing.

" OMG! Have you seen the new guy? He's soooo hot. I saw him in the hall and he, like, looked at me. He's super tall. And those muscles!.." I tune her out as i look around the large room, completely missing the giant hunk walking towards us. But once i see him i can't look away. we and everyone else in the room fall silent as he stops before us, smiling and holding out a hand as he leans forward alluringly.

" Hello. Im Vladimir Vasculi. You are?"

The floor rushes to meet me as i faint.


I wake up, groaning as the light blinds me and i throw an arm over my eyes. i listen to the beep and hum of of heart monitors and people rushing around. one of the nurses, having been alerted to my state of conciousness, comes into my room smiling, fussing over the machinery, and asking me questions. i smile back at her and tell her that i hadn't slept well last night and i hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch- which wasn't true. I couldn't exactly tell her that id fainted because id met a man from my dreams who'd sucked all my blood then called me his bride. When my stomach growls at her, demanding substance, she laughs and tells me she'll go get me something to eat. before she leaves she tells me i'll have to eat quickly since my parents are coming to pick me up. i blink, surprised they cared that i was sick or injured. Hell, when i was seven i had broken my arm and my they had told me they were to busy so id had to call an ambulance to come pick me up. I look up when the nurse comes back in the room followed by three others and freeze, my gaze locked on the one in lead.

" Hello, iubite. I've come to take you home." i stare at him and blush under his heated gaze. He holds out a hand. " Come."

I raise an eyebrow at him and glance at the others in the room before returning my look to him. He smiles at me, completely confident im under his spell, and i smile back. He falters and gives me a weary look when he sees the mischief in my eyes.

' Well I would but I have nothing on under this little paper gown and I don't think you want anyone to see what's... your's" The words come out a purr and i smile at the flustered look on his face as he orders everyone out of the room. I smile at him as i step out of the bed, swaying my hips slightly as i walk across the room for my clothes, making him growl. Then i slide the gown off my body.

I gasp when hands glide down my side before landing on my hips, drawing me back till im flush against his body. When he kisses the tender fleshbehind my ear, nuzzling my hair, i whimper, my shaft growing half hard. He chuckles as he moves away and I groan, annoyed at him.

"Let that be a lesson. Don't try to hunt the hunter." He smiles and walks out of the room." Get dressed iubite, We'll leave soon."

I shake my head and pull on the shirt, realizing for the first time that I don't own a shirt like this. Actually none of these clothes were mine but they fit perfectly like somebody had measured my body inch by inch and.... My eyes narrow in annoyance as I finish dressing, my outfit consisting of a soft black dress shirt, a pair of skin tight soft black jeans, a worn leather jacket, and mid-calf lace up high tops. It was actually pretty cute but id never tell him that.

I sigh as I step out of the room and shiver as his heated gaze slowly travels down my body, stripping me naked with his eyes. He licks his lips and I hear his breath hitch as he walks towards me, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me to his side, staking his claim in front of everyone. I sigh, rolling my eyes as he buries his nose in the hair behind my ear,drawing in a deep breath and nuzzling the skin there, making me gasp.

As he chuckles my anger ignites and objects around us start shaking, The noise is deafening and I cover my ears, whimpering as a strong wind starts up and things begin to fly. papers  and clipboard swirl around the room as mugs and cups shatter against the walls. I hear screaming and feel a pair of protective arms wrap around me, holding me against his chest and shouting something at the man and woman he'd brought with him before they run down the hallway, towards the exit. When we finally climb into a car I have tears streaming down my face. I look up at Vladimir.

" S-sorry. I didn't mean to lose control like that." He raises an eyebrow at me and I look down. My shoulders shake as I cry, afraid he'll call me a freak and abandon me like everyone else but Shelly had.
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