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A brief idea of how we will meet again
I was walking down the streets of Calgary. Fields everywhere and cowboys zoomng past in their big red trucks. But it does not matter how sexy or how alluring these cowboys may be though.

One image plays in my mind and that's him.

The one that stole my heart ten years ago. Remembering him makes me cry with tears of remorse. Remorse for the painful moments of self regret. I should have said it to him face to face when I had the chance. I should have asked him how he felt. I left it to fate and fate kicked my ass.
Now here I am alone, I lost it all.

One day I will be walking along and like a falling star he will come back in my life by chance. That will be my time to say something. I will see those dark piercing eyes. I stare into them like nobody I have ever seen before and they will melt my bones. Suddenly my legs will start to wobble. My heart will race. My body will sweat. I will not know whats happening but I will wait until I can tell him my feelings. This time I will not walk away or act silly I can endure this feeling of fear mixed with excitement. I know its coming for a reason.

No matter who alluring...or sexy ...other men are to me, this one is more. He is everything. You can not control how the heart feels. It comes when Allah wants it to come to you. Do not force it but do not deny it. Let it be and let it come to you as it is.

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