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by L.U
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Just ramblings and observations i came up with one morning.
I know what you’re thinking, “I’m here in Writing.com, looking for a story or poem or at least something to get me out of my boredom, and then I see this little title that says The Meaning of Life, like what kind of information will this guy give me that I don’t know yet? What kind of mysteries and secrets does this author thinks he has about my way of life?”.

Let me tell you this dear reader. I’m not a philosopher, I’m not enlightened, I didn’t have to study in the tall mountains of Tibet for fifty years. I’m just trying to get across a message that I think will be interesting for a few people to know. The title sounds way over-the-top well yes I must say that even I think it is, but I couldn’t think of something better so that will do for now.

But well, I’m rambling more than I should right now. The message I’m trying to get across, is that we as a human race, are always trying to find some kind of deep and meaningful significance to our existence. Questions like, “Why we are here”, “What is our mission in this life”, “Where do we come from”, and “What is the next step?”

The thing, is that our existence, our presence on this planet we call Earth, is just a mere coincidence. That’s it. We are just something that came to pass by nature itself. Now now, before you go down the Review Block writing things like “You are a liar, an idiot and you shouldn’t think those kinds of things, God has a plan for everyone, or Allah, or Jehovah, or Buddha, or [Insert deity’s name here]”

Let me explain. Saying that, I’m not denying that the Human race has in the relatively short time on this planet, done wonderful things. Things that in the beginning when we were cavemen we couldn’t even comprehend. I mean, the simple act of standing erect on two feet took us like 100.000 years of evolutionary development.

But let’s talk about the present since I’m digressing a little. All the things that we have today that we can’t live without, TV, the Internet, electricity, music, cars, smart phones. Every one of those things were made by humans. The people that inhabit this planet. And that’s just a little portion of our achievements, the sciences, architecture, medicine, engineering, every one of those things were made by us.

We have an amazing capability for survival; we can adapt and thrive in the harshest environment. Every one of those things makes us the dominant species on this planet. But, there’s a little thing we have to comprehend, in some kind of way, the humans were just a coincidence, something that just came up. All the little possibilities and factors came up and we were here. So for me at least, the one writing this thing, there’s no deep significance for life. There’s no destiny as they say, there’s no meaning for us to be here. We don’t have a sacred mission given to us by [Insert deity’s name here] to do something or achieve something. All the things we have to do in the little time we have on Earth are up to us, and only us.

So stop searching for an answer. Stop searching for a mission. Just live. Do what you have to do and live your life the way you think is best. Paint, write or cook something. Talk with a friend, your family or just listen to music. Do whatever you feel like. I mean, just because we are a coincidence, that doesn’t mean we can't enjoy life, right?
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