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If The Earth had the words, what would she say? A poem written for Earth Day.
Earth's Poem

Honey bees, you are my friends,
Into my scenery you blend.
Through meadow, forest and field you go
And help the wilderness to grow.

Elephants, you are my kin.
For spiteful pleasure you do not sin.
You take the gifts that I have given,
Create a peaceful world to live in.

Polar bears, you are my friends,
Build homes with all that nature sends.
You do not wear another’s pelt
Nor cause my frozen caps to melt.

Dolphins are my constitution.
You cause no bloodshed or pollution.
You show to me your blessed devotion
And live in harmony in the ocean.

Humans, you are not my friends.
You take from me for your own ends.
Your numbers are beyond control –
You’ll leave me desolate and cold.

20 Lines
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