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by NinjaW
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #1986571
Luigi hypnotizes Princess Peach, and has some fun.
Prolog: A Dark Wish

Princess Peach was smiling in her room. It was a "nothing special" day. Bowser had just been defeated, so things were going to be quiet for a while. She wished that things could pick up, just without being kidnapped.

Careful what you wish for, Princess.

She Heard a knock on her window. She turned to see Luigi waving. One could see why she may be hesitant to let anyone in that way, but considering that it could of Bowser at the window, she decided that having a Mario Bro next to her might be some nice protection.

"Hey, Peach. sorry for having to come in this way. But your guards wouldn't let me even near you. I don't blame them, but I just wanted to talk."

Peach just smiled it off. She holds no real grudges, and sees the best in people. She trusts Luigi. "No problem. But what did you want to talk about?"

Luigi pulled out a suitcase of supplies. "I've learned some magic tricks - thought I'd give you a front-row, First-time view of them." Peach smiled and watched his tricks go by. His card tricks and the crystal ball where impressive. But out plot picks up near the end, So we'll jump to that. "Princess, can I see one of your earrings?"

"Okay, but Why?" she asked, removing her left earing.

"It's a surprise." He said, smirking as she handed it over. He then dangled it in front of her. "Pretty, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is - they're my favorite pair."

"It reflects you perfectly, although you have to look closely at it." Princess Peach then looked closer at it. Her eyes began to slowly glaze over, showing that it worked. "Peach, your mine!

"Yes, Master."

"Okay, Tomorrow, you'll come to my house for a game of Soccer." Luigi said, smirking at his true intentions. Peach merely nodded her head, agreeing to do so.

To be continued..........
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