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Fitness model Monica Brant toys with her biggest fan, in the most humiliating way....
Five years ago the famous American female fitnessmodel, Monica Brant, had a dream coming true. Her mother, who was a scientist, asked her if she knew someone who was willing to be part of a historic experiment. She had developed a mixture that could shrink a pig down to the size of a mouse, and she wanted to try it out on a human.

Monica instantly thought about a 17 years old fan of hers, who had spoiled her with compliments on her mail lately. He worshiped her for her beauty, and had told her that he was willing to do anything for her.

She asked him nicely if he was willing to be a part of her mothers experiment. As she suspected, he didn't hesitate one second to say yes, when he got the opportunity to finally meet his dreamwoman.

When he arrived at Monica's appartment two weeks later, she could see his nervousness glowing. He turned all red in his face when she opened the door for him. She gave him a huge hug, and told him how happy she was for having a fan like him. Monica loved "small talk", and did all she could to calm his nerves, before her mother arrived.

Strangely to her, he didn't ask so much about the experiment, and didn't seem to mind that her mother was eager to inject the mixture in his arm. Just ten minutes after she arrived, he was standing on the floor, totally naked, looking up at two gigantic women. He couldn't be more than two inches tall. They both started giggling from the funny sight of the tiny boy.

Her mother carefully picked him up, and started doing some tests on him with her microscopic equipment. After an hour with thoroughly testing everything seemed to be all normal, and she could confirm that his body had handled the transformation perfectly.

- Well well, Monica! Now I'm finished with him. This experiment is successful, as I expected. He is all yours now!
- Cool!

As her mother packed her equipment and was ready to leave the appartment, he stood confused on the kitchen table.

- What do you mean by; "I'm all hers"?
- He he...just wait and see!

Monica followed her out the door. And, when she entered the kitchen again, he was still standing there looking like a big question. She carefully lifted him up between her fingers, and carried him into the living room.

- Now it's time for me to see how much you actually worships me.
- What do you mean?

She put the tiny boy down on the table, and started undressing herself. He seemed shocked to see her gorgeous and muscular body, all naked. His dick immediately rose up in the air.

- Do you like the view, cutie?
- Wow! Of course I do! You have no idea how perfect you look.
- Hi hi...your tiny erected dick pretty much tells me what you think.

Monicai lied down in the couch and picked him up from the table. She held his hips between her thumb and indexfinger, only inches away from her mouth. Slowly she slipped her tongue out and let it slide over his tiny naked body.

- Oh my God!!! You are so gorgeous, Monica!
- I know! This is going to be a great day!
- What are you going to do to me?
- I'm going to give you the adventure of your life.

She dropped him down between her perfectly shaped boobs, and ordered him to lick her entire body with his tongue. He eagerly threw himself down on his knees. He could hardly believe what was going on. As soon as his tongue roled over her left boob he exploded like a volcano. His sperm splashed up in his face, giving Monica the laughter of her life.

For two hours she lied enjoying the sight of him crawling all over her. After his tenth orgasm she decided to step it up a notch. She took him with her into the shower, and started to use the tiny guy as a living washing-rag. The result was five more orgasms in half an hour. She couldn't believe how easy it was for her to forcing him to "come", and really enjoyed the power she had to it's fullest.

He looked totally exhausted when she was finished.

- Wow, Monicai! Words can't express how much I appreciate you giving me this great opportunity to show you how much I worship you.
- Hi hi...and you have no idea what a pleasure this is for me.

The clock had passed midnight now, and she headed for the bed.

- It's time for my beauty sleep now. Hope you enjoy the bed I'm giving you!

She gently pushed the tiny boy in between her extremely firm and powerful buttmuscles. The rest of the night he was squeezed inside her ass, with no chance of moving at all.

In just a few minuts she fell asleep, and had the best night ever. Her dedicated fan didn't sleep at all that night, and his dick stood firmly and poundered against her skin all night.

Next morning his dick started to hurt a lot. But, Monica was far from finished with him, and ordered him to take a new round with his tongue, all over her body.

When he sat on top of one of her boobs, licking her nipple, he popped the big question.

- How long are you going to continue playing with me?
- Hah...what makes you think I will ever stop this joyride?
- What?!? You can't mean that you're keeping me like this?
- Do you have any idea how much I enjoy this kind of power?
- No, but I'm starting to realize it!
- He he...good!
- Why is that good?
- Because this will be permanent. You have officially become a part of my body now, and are forced to spend the rest of your life as my personal slave.
- Oh noooo.....you can't humiliate me like that.
- Ha ha...of course I can....and I will! Just watch me!

Monica squeezed the helpless boy into her butt again, and put on her underwear. She wandered around in her appartment with her "trophy" well placed between her buttocks. Now it wasn't fun for him anymore. The joy had turned into pure humiliation for him. But, still his dick was fully erected, because of her extremely perfect body. And there was nothing he could do to prevent her from keeping him as a lifetime prisoner on her muscular and gorgeous body. Because of his horny thoughts about Monica he was forced into becoming a part of one of the most perfect female anathomy.

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