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wolf packs always put the smallest in charge.what happens when Strange is made pack alpha?
I stare out the window as the full moon rises above the forest surrounding the house, tempting me to join it in the warm autumn air and run beneath it's rays. As it nears midnight my skin begins to itch like fire ants are attacking me and i know I won't be able to resist much longer. As my breath becomes labored i run out of the house, shedding clothes as i sprint across the yard and into the trees just as the change over takes me. I hit the ground running as silver fur encompasses me, my body morphing into that of a wolf/ I pause for a moment to get my bearings and scent rabbit, squirrel, and deer. Deciding on my prey i let loose a wailing howl and fly further into the forest, blood heating as the thrill of the hunt infuses me with adrenaline.I stop just short of the small herd, growling low in my throat as the scent of other wolves drift to me from across the glen and the deer become alert, bounding to safety. As the last of them dissapear a small pack run after them, snapping at each other for dominance with no obvious alpha to give them direction. I watch them, following close behind, as they chase the herd, snarling when one or the other gets in their way with a starved craze in their eyes. This pack was suffering without a leader and obviously hadn't been on a run in about half a year. leaving their wolf counter parts starved and feral; in their current state they couldn't catch a gimpy squirrel much less a herd of full grown does and bucks. I snort at the stupidity of what im about to do and run an arch to in front of the herd and lie on my belly above the path in wait. My ears perk and i roll my self to my haunches, leaping, as the lead buck passes in front of me, my jaws clamping on his throat as he bleats and struggles. I break his neck with a swift twist. I howl as the pack approaches me cautiously, unsure how to deal with this new threat. I whine low in my throat and gesture towards the carcass with my head before walking into the trees and leaving them to their meal. A sound behind me forces me into a run and i dissapear into the forest, running and hunting till dawn.


I wake up naked and covered in blood; the thick liquid coated on my face and hands and stuck under my finger nails. Looking around i realize that im near the house and easily sneak in again, past my parents bedroom. We had made a compromise early on in the adoption that i wouldn't tell them where i went for the night and they wouldn't ask about anything; the blood, the nakedness, and the need to for seclusion. It would be harder to hide my...condition, at the boarding school they were sending me to but not impossible; id just have to be sneakier. As I turn on the shower, waiting for it to heat, I think about last night. The only other pack id met had held me captive for over a year and had used me as their toy and I usually tried to avoid packs like the plague but i had been drawn to help this one, like they belonged to me.

As I wash the blood from my body I let my thoughts wander to my first shift. It had been the first full moon after my ninth birthday.

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