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It is all about friends and frenemies.
Goodbye frenemies, welcome friend

  “What cannot be said above all must not be silenced but written,” the French Philosopher, Jacques Derrida, said.  I liked this quotation because it is deep. I, also, want to share it with people. Actually, this quotation gives me a wider vision to write about friends and frenemies.

  Most of us, at some time, in our lives, experience an event that will never vanish from our minds. For example, we may speak our mind, innocently, to the so called “friend”, the one who pretends that he loves and wants to help us but in reality he is our FRENEMY.

  When you realize that the ugly person is a hypocrite. You, hopefully, thank God for everything. Because that person offers you a great opportunity to learn. He gives you a huge experience, for free.

  In my view, I believe, no one deserves to read your mind or even to know your opinion. No one has the right to know your daily updates. You will learn how to be kind not aggressive as a result of this you will feel how much people will respect you. You will feel, also, that you have a balance in your life. You will learn how to respond about the question, only. In other words, you do not have to give extra information. However, in some situations, you do not have to respond at all. The last but not the least, you will know the value of words.

  Plus, you will learn how to hide and control your feelings. Additionally, you will learn how you should not assume that others will understand you. You will learn, also, that being with less friends will give you fewer problems. These are just simple examples of what you will learn. So, give yourself a chance to have a choice. 

  As I have stated, these people will give you a chance to learn. For example, if you cannot feel good towards your mother’s mentality then it is a chance to get closer to her; to know how much she loves you. You will be mature; that is when you do not trust anyone. You will care about your family members much more than any other time. You will realize how much you love some people around you. You will improve your writing skills because you do not trust anyone so that you keep writing. You will see how much your writings are good. Imagine if you, all the time, hoped to improve your writing skills. So, it is the time to write and write. Even when you are writing, be aware; write all what you want to send. Do not write for the sake of writing.

  In conclusion, try to learn from people who are older than you. Try to see how wise they are.  Also, I believe that you should not care about the one you considered as a friend. Never feel regret. Do not pay too much attention to the details. Ignore all extra people in your life. They are not important to understanding them. These kinds of people are so weak to a degree that they feel afraid of confronting you. They escape any serious conversation with you or maybe they will lie. Lying is an essential component of their blood. They cannot avoid it. Believe me, that one will meet someone who will do him as what he did for you; if not more. No one will trust and respect that frenemy. So, if I were you, I will feel so happy.

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Published: April 17th, 2014.

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