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Review of “People Help The People” sung live by Brenda Bee, a cover by Birdy
Review of "People Help The People" sung live by Brenda Bee, a cover by Birdy

I saw the live version of this song on youtube. It is very moving to watch an artist sing and also play an instrument while singing. From the moment the first note on the piano was played till the last I could see she was in her element. The movement and the expression on her face while she played and sang told so much more than the words alone could tell.

This song describes quite accurately the current human condition. From the bottom class up to the highest is described as having more feeling of kindness than those in the highest class.

"God knows what is hiding in those
weak and drunken heart
I guess you kissed the girls and
Made them cry
Those hardfaced Queens of
God knows what is hiding in those
weak and sunken eyes
a Fiery throng of muted angels
Giving love and getting nothing

The above words are the first two verses of the song which is full of emotion. Explains God knows the things in people we cannot see. The thing people think they get away with and the belief no one knows; truth is God knows. There are many who give their whole life and get nothing back it is almost like the angels are invisible to these people.

"People help the people
And if your homesick, give me
Your hand and I'll hold it
People help the people
And nothing will drag you down"

This is the chorus and it goes to tell that if you need something I am there for you; that we should be there for each other. No one is going to come and save everyone from their depths of despair we need to have the courage to help the ones in need. This is a very beautiful song. Great job Brenda!

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