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Research on Earth Race Dragons in Story Realm of "Bio of An Elfin Dragon"
Earth Race Dragons

These dragons have been on Earth since it was created.  They are extremely intelligent and charismatic beings as well as shape-shifters.  As shape-shifters they are able to become any creature on Earth as well as magical creatures.  They have also have the ability to breathe fire and use a certain amount of magic as well as teleportation or moving “Between”, which entails moving between space and time to another place or world.

When fully grown these dragons are large, anywhere from 80 – 110 feet long from nose to tip of tail; and 30 feet high at the shoulder with a wingspan usually twice their body length. 

They have the ability to become human, however their eyes and hair color will always betray them as dragons.  Their eyes have no pupils and glow bright with whatever color they are. Their hair will also be the same color as their scales.

As they grow their color changes due to different factors. It can be age, stress, or eventful things happening in their lives.  It usually takes several thousand years for each changing color to happen although in extreme circumstances a color change could happen in less time.

Dragon Colors:

White – Dragons are born this color.

Grey – Dragons will slowly turn this color over the first few thousand years of their lives.

Bronze – As Dragons learn all their abilities they will turn this color.

Copper – Dragons will slowly turn this color as they become more confident in their abilities.

Brown – Dragons become this color as they become “teenagers” and begin to roam from home.

Green – Dragons will slowly turn this color as they begin to grow from “teenagers” into adulthood.

Gold – Dragons become this color as they become adults and also become Guardians.  They will choose to guard either something or someone.  It doesn’t have to be gold as many people believe.  It can be books, a world, a person or as vast as a universe and yes, sometimes gold.  Dragons take Guardianship extremely serious and will die for whatever they guard.

Red – Dragons will slowly turn this color as they begin to grow older.  Usually a specific event will change them completely red.

Black – Dragons will slowly turn this color as they begin to grow from adulthood into older age.  When they turn black their eyes will not be black but silver instead. It’s a prelude to the last color they become.  A specific event will usually change them completely black.

Silver – Dragons will become this color towards their later years.  It is generally a gradual change from black to silver.

Earth Race Dragons currently consider two different worlds as their home.  The first is Earth where they currently live in a separate realm away from humans.  They originally lived with Elves in high caves as well as interacting with elves in their homes.  However tension arose in the elvish community and dragons decided to leave until it was resolved.  Now dragons live in isolated pockets where neither human nor elves can see or interact with them unless they wish it.

The other place they consider home is a world sparsely populated by humans and fire.  All over the world there are varying rings of fire 10 – 20 feet tall, all in varying diameters, and all with lakes with fire dancing across them.  Between these rings are holes which spit fire at different intervals with no particular rhythm.  The only respite from the desert-like heat are the few large fire-apple orchards.  The trees are as large, if not larger, than Earth’s Redwoods and are often used as flight training for young dragons.

On this other world there are roads humans use to travel on, but they are few and far from the rings dragons use as home.  They are also the only safe route between towns, other than flying, due to the nature of the “spitting fire holes”.  Dragons do occasionally interact with humans on this world but it isn’t often, although the humans have made a point of making a landing area for the dragons in the center of their towns in case they do visit.
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