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The origins of the Easter Bunny
During Eastertide the judge does come
Carrying a basket full of coloured eggs
None go to children looking glum
Yet the child with a smile never begs

The anniversary of Jesus’ resurrection
On the first Sunday after the full moon
A major day for Christian celebration
In runs the Easter Bunny like a typhoon

Symbols of fertility at the March Equinox
Spring mating antics entered Easter tales
Hares and rabbits should mind that fox
To this day the Easter Bunny prevails

German people brought the Easter Hare
In Sweden the Easter Wizard visits each year
Maybe somewhere awaits the Easter Bear
Still the Easter Bunny has international cheer

16 line poem

Written for "The Writer's Cramp with the following prompt:
Suppose that someone from a different culture tries β€œto get a wrap around” (understand) why a mammal (animal that gives birth to LIVE babies) is the one who brings children COLORED EGGS on Easter Sunday.

In other words, in your poem or story, explain the concept of the Easter Bunny.
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