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A fictional newspaper centred around WDC events, created for a contest.




*Crown**Castleleft* WDC GOT MAD?!?*Castleright**Crown*

Battle fever has gripped the WDC nation as the hit TV series "Game of Thrones" has made its way to our digital shores. Intrigued onlookers stopped mid sentence to see the spectacle as dozens of members began queuing for the opening of the new "Red Wedding updating activity which is due to open shortly and which has been kept wrapped under shrouds of secrecy for months. Gaby , the creator of the much talked about activity said that the idea was born from her love of the show, a spin off from the books written by George R R Martin.

Although only a little information about the activity has been revealed, it has already gained a huge amount of interest and speculation with many groups signing up to take part even though they don't actually know the full extent of the rules - a fact that is a testament to both the popularity of the GOT series and the reputation of Gaby 's past activities.

In a recent newsfeed item, members such as Riot , goldenautumn and NaNoing Shaye expressed their interest and excitement in the upcoming activity which has already gained silver trophy awardicon status.

Whilst members from registered authors to staff eagerly await the opening of the new activity, its success is yet to be proven. But one thing is for certain - this Spring on writing.com, Winter is certainly coming.......

For more information on the activity, contact Gaby . For information about the show head to http://www.hbo.com/game-of-thrones#/



WDC Author Jellyfish has expressed disappointment in the lack of interest in her new group - "The Holiday Club. Jellyfish , well known in the community for her slightly obsessive love of holidays created the group earlier this year in a bid to gather together members who also had a passion for travelling but so far the group has only attracted two members. Jellyfish who has travelled to various destinations over the last few years including Malta, Turkey and the Canary Islands said in a recent interview that she felt it was "A great shame" that she had not been able to make a success of the group as yet and is considering creating a fundraiser to gather interest. " I am a member of some great groups on writing dot com" She explained. "Groups like "WDC Addicts Anonymous and "Dark Dreamscapes are fantastic and they are doing so well - I just don't really know what to do to get my group off the ground" Last year she created a contest with a holiday theme but it has since been closed down due to lack of interest. Jellyfish admitted that part of the problem was probably the language barrier as most people who are not from the UK call a holiday a vacation.

For more information or to join, go to "The Holiday Club


*Tulipb**Earth**Tree*EARTH DAY IS FOR LIFE - AND FOR WDC*Tree**Earth**Tulipb*

Writing dot com members may have noticed "The Earth Day Challenge on their virtual travels over the past few weeks. The activity, the brainchild of WDC senior moderator kiyasama hopes to raise awareness of environmental issues as well as create an opportunity for members to win generous prizes through writing and reviewing.

"On the 22nd of April," Writes kiyasama, "we celebrate the 44th Anniversary of Earth Day; a global event meant to raise awareness about the world's environmental problems and the different ways we can do our part to make it more habitable and safe for our future generations."

It is an important issue and reminds us of what we can do to help our planet as well as how important it is to do so. As well as on site challenges, the activity provides links to the wider web where members can find out more information on green issues in the real World.

The review challenge runs from April 22nd to April 25th so there is still time to sign up and written competition entries are also being accepted until 25th April.

For further details or to enter, please see "The Earth Day Challenge or contact kiyasama


*Clouds**Snow1**Rain**Sun*WORLD WEATHER*Sun**Rain**Snow1**Clouds*

Map of the World

Today, there will be weather all over the World. The United Kingdom will start off sunny but it will no doubt be raining by mid-afternoon. Africa and Australia will be mainly hot and sunny although there may be a light rain storm in New Zealand. Canada will probably have some snow whilst India may enjoy a monsoon. America will be mainly dry but look out for Tornados in Kansas. In Wales and Ireland it will be raining all day.


*Balloon2**Balloon3* FUNTIME CORNER!*Balloon3**Balloon2*

Easter Egg Abundance!  (E)
A word search with a chocolaty theme.
#1987703 by Jellyfish


Q What happened to the Easter Bunny when he misbehaved at school?
A He was eggspelled!

Q Did you hear about the lady whose house was infested with Easter eggs?
A She had to call an eggs-terminator!

Q: Why won't Easter eggs go out at night?
A: They don't want to get "beat up".

Q: How should you send a letter to the Easter Bunny?
A: By hare mail!

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