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by Angus
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Sometimes Wishes Don't Turn Out Like They Should


Being princesses in the land of Riverdale was one thing, but also having a sister rivalry was another. Ever since childhood both Betty and Veronica had vied for the affections of Archie, a prince in the neighboring kingdom of Streamdale. But to Betty’s chagrin, Veronica seemed to have the upper hand. Oh sure, Archie liked Betty, but he adored Veronica.

And Veronica would tease her about it almost on a daily basis. “Why Betty dear, you’re just jealous,” she was always saying. “What would Archie ever see in you?

It was time to do something about it.

She knew that going to Merlin the Mediocre, the only wizard in Riverdale, probably wasn’t the smartest thing she could do. He wasn’t a very competent conjuror, but she had no other choice. Rumor had it that Archie and Veronica were planning to get married soon, so it was either now or never.

So Betty went to Merlin one fine morning and asked that he cast a spell on Veronica. She wanted him to turn her into a frog on the day of the wedding.

“Very well,” the wizard said. “It shall be done.”

The rumor wasn’t a rumor, and a week later the ‘big day’ arrived. Betty watched from the audience, and as soon as the vicar pronounced them man and wife, he said, "You may kiss the bride.” Archie took Veronica in his arms and gave her passionate kiss.

Instantly the bride and groom’s clothes crumpled to the floor and a pair of slimy disgusting frogs leapt out from beneath them.

“What happened?” Betty cried as she watched the amphibians hop happily down the aisle and out of the cathedral.

The wizard shrugged his shoulders.

“Well,” he said, offering a wan smile, “you’re not jealous anymore, are you?”

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