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CSV is the abbreviation of comma-separated values or comma delimited file.
CSV is the abbreviation of comma-separated values or comma delimited file, as comma cannot be a separating character for data insertion. The format of CSV is readable to software of different frameworks, it can also be manipulated by excel spreadsheet, word processors and several other database softwares & statistical collecting packages. The delimited character file has higher portability as it allows the accumulation of text as well as numerals in the tabular format.
The CSV is suitable to work on customer, business, and technical applications; the file can be used to store and retrieve information on the basis of column & row specific data. A comma separated file displays respective value against two dimensions of physical quantities, for instance, floor, liquids, canvas, banners, fabric, blinds, barrels etc. Whether it is reports sorting, data mining heading towards ecommerce it handles all efficiently.
Online market depends upon revenues, which are earned through concurrent pricing mechanism according to units, accuracy in price the main requirement that can be brought only if price is charged based on units. In the same manner, if merchant is selling cloth through online-shop then he will require calculation of price according to unit price of the fabric, under such situation usage of CSV mechanism is useful. Several Ecommerce platforms such as osCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop etc. uses comma separated file where value or price against certain quantities are required to be calculated.
The Plugin:
Like all renowned frameworks, PrestaShop allows calculation of price by making CSV file into use. PrestaShop banner pricing module determines price of any measureable commodities, the striking advantage of item is that same file could be used for multiple configurable products.
The working principle of add-on could be easily understood by following example:
Let’s say you are textile merchant and you recently introduced online cloth selling. As there is no definite size of plain cloth, while placement of order requires pricing according to dimensions of size. Assume you have the following rating arrangement:
Increased Breadth Price:
Length= 5 feet; Breadth = 5 feet; Price = $100.0
Length = 5 feet; Breadth = 4 feet; Price = $150.0
Increased Length Price
Length= 5 feet; Breadth = 5 feet; Price = $350.0
Length= 7 feet; Breadth = 5 feet; Price = $635.0

It is evident is from above example that price of a particular will always be the same for specific length and breadth. In this manner, the plugin accurately displays respective unit price.

Review this Plug-in here: www.fmemodules.com/en/44-csv-pricing.html
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