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by Maddy
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Offshore drilling should be banned on the this planet.
Offshore Drilling Should Be Banned In Canada

By: Maddy

Offshore drilling should be banned! This topic has been a debate for years. Nobody has researched the facts to make a firm decision. I have. Offshore drilling is a huge consequence to Canada. It ruins the environment, throws away Canada’s well-deserved money and there are many dangers to humans of offshore drilling. This is a serious issue in Canada and we can’t stand by and watch it ruin our beautiful country. Don’t you love looking at the dolphins, fishes and other sea creatures in the oceans? Or swimming in the ocean? Picture yourself having a blast! Splashing in the water, looking at the gorgeous animals nature has given us. Now, picture that scenario ruined from offshore drilling. Just 1 little mistake and everything is gone. Animals suffer from the oil and humans infected from being in contact with the oil. Our enjoyment is gone. We need to take a stand and end offshore drilling.

There are many environmental issues to offshore drilling.  It is said that 1 of the main causes to the Arctic melting is due to offshore drilling. Employers of offshore drilling want to melt the ice and create more rigs (offshore drilling plants) in the ocean. This will create a major decrease of arctic ice and affect the animals such as polar bears to die. The Arctic melting is a very tragic situation and we can’t make it worse. Wherever there are rigs in the ocean, there is an 81% of an oil spill every day. We can’t risk an oil spill to kill all animals and have health concerns on humans who come into contact with it.  We can’t live our life in worry and being cautious everywhere we go!

There are multiple cost factors of offshore drilling.  Canada can save money if we eliminate offshore drilling. We won’t have to spend the money on trying to save animals whenever an oil spill occurs. When the last oil spill occurred, Canada spent a $3 billion fee and $5 billion dollars on attempting to save the wildlife. We can’t keep risking lives and spending money whenever a spill occurs. It will far cheaper to pay for oil that is being produced by another country. In a recent study done by Environment Canada, the price of oil is decreasing in the world. Canada can save money and use it for things we need most in our country. Also, Canada receives a $700 billion profit a year from clean beaches/oceans. Let’s keep it that way!

There are various dangers from offshore drilling. We know by now how dangerous offshore drilling is to animals. Unfortunately, offshore drilling is equally as dangerous to us as it is to animals.  Oil contains hundreds of chemicals, which most are toxic to people. Whenever we come into contact with oil, there are warnings of cancer. We can be exposed to oil through skin contact, inhalation of contaminated air or soil and digesting contaminated water or food. Most health effects are not to be worried about because the ingredients can move throughout your body. But, do you really want to take the risk?

Offshore drilling should be banned! Now, think of the scenario I stated at the beginning of this piece. Imagine it without the oil and harm. Life would be so much easier and more enjoyable. Offshore drilling ruins the environment, throws away Canada’s well-deserved money and there are many dangers to humans. The never-ending debate to whether offshore drilling should be banned or not, has now concluded.  Without offshore drilling Canada can be as beautiful as ever!


Offshore Drilling- Offshore drilling is a mechanical process where a wellbore is drilled through the seabed. It is typically carried out in order to get petroleum which lies in rock formations beneath the seabed. This is one of the ways how Canada gets its oil. 

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