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These are the different episodes of my life. Since when i turned 16.
Episode 1 - The Beginning

It was Nov 26th, 2012. I woke up, with my weird hairstyle, went straight into the living room, and said in a soft voice," Happy Anniversary Mummy aur(and) Papa". They replied, "Thank you". I went back to my room, sat in front of my 24x7 running pc, turned on the monitor, and opened facebook. Surfed through some usual stuffs, and eventually started playing Counter Strike 1.6. It's a very addictive game for those who do not know about it. An hour later, my brother, Akshay, woke up. He wished them too. Came to my "Gaming" room, and sat on one of the chairs.  I quit the game after 15 minutes, and said, "Bhai kuch bata jis se I can start earning." (Bro, tell me something with the help of which I can earn something".

He thought for a little bit and replied, search for "Addmefast". I did that, and got to know that this site allows us to get likes on our facebook pages or youtube videos, etc for free. All we need to do is, like the pages of other people. Kind of a trade, but with a point system. The person who likes the most, earns the maximum points, and in return, gets the most likes. Anyways, so I registered on an online marketplace called, "Seoclerks". I made two services, "Get 100 Facebook likes for 1$" and "Get 100 Youtube likes for 1$". I did not get any orders that day, so i did not do anything about it.

I went for my tuitions. My 12th Std. Boards Exams were on 1st March, 2013.  Anyways, who gives a fuck about studies when the exams are months away, except nerds, obviously. So, in short, studying regularly was not at all in my priority list. I followed my routine, Wake up, Play games, go to tuitions, play games, sleep.

The next morning, I went straight to my computer, opened my mail. I had to look it into my computer as I lost my mobile phone a few weeks ago in a Game Zone.

Anyways, There were two mails, one, "Congrats, someone bought a package from you." and another, "Order Response Required". This was the turning point in my life.

I sold a service for 1$. This was not just single buck, this was the buck which opened up a new opportunity for me, a door to the online business community of the world. I started earning points, you know, you do not get paid unless you complete the job. So, yeah, I started liking other pages and videos and what not manually. It was alright for my first order. I finished that in no time. But right after it, a lot of orders were placed every day. I had to manually click on links for 2-3 hours in a day to complete the orders. It was unsatisfactory for two main reasons. First, I was not able to play games. Second, I was not able to play games.

Yeah, I love to play games, as I said, the game was too addictive. So, I needed something to remove my manual work. Well, It was time to get back to my brother. I asked for something to automate my work. He said, " I bought an autoclicker software a few months ago, maybe you can use it now." I said ok, lets give it a try. I downloaded that software, installed it and started learnig about it. So, it turned out that it was a Robot. It clicks wherever you want it to click, wait for whatever seconds you want, and repeat the process. So, manual liking of pages was gone! Woohoo! I would just start the Bot(Robot) at the night time and see the points collected in the morning. But it did not work out. After a few loops, it always got stuck. So, I had to run it when I was sitting in front of my pc, and keep an eye on it. This method again, had two drawbacks. One, I was not able to play games. Two, I was not able to play games.

My brother was out of options, and so was I. I had two options, search for a better bot, or else, sacrifice my gaming time. Days passed and I chose the first one, obviously.

One find day, I started researching things at late night, probably after midnight, because that's the best time to work. I was curious, I had an unsatisfied need and I did not want to sacrifice anything. I searched a lot, saw a lot of "Survey-Completion" based sites, and other annoying things. But, I did not gave up. The priority to find a bot was too high than doing anything else.

I found something about "Imacros Scripts". I tried it and looked into it a further more and found that it was fucking awesome. It  would work as a plugin in Mozilla Firefox, and can automate anything you want. So, I automated everything that I needed to click on, to like other pages. My bot would run in a browser, allowing me to do other stuffs too on my computer. In short, it was a robotic computer, inside a computer. So, yeah, I was able to play games now, and earn too. I was getting orders daily, and hence, was earning enough.

That night, I realized the power of "Research".

My friends usually ask me to teach them how do I earn online, what steps did I take, a few tricks to get stuffs easily done, etc. I simply have one answer for all of them, and that's, "Research about it". All you need is a curious mind, motivation that you cannot even think of giving up, and a focus on the outcome of the research.

Whenever you feel like giving up, just imagine how well you could do when you get what you are searching for. That will surely motivate you.

Another important thing you need is an open mind. There is no point of research if you are not open to new things.

And then came, 8th Dec, It was my birthday. Yayy! :P  (There was a girl, we are not together anymore, so I don't want to say anything about that as most of you would easily guess her and she being a bitch, it would not be good for her image.)

Nothing special happened on my birthday. I don't expect much too. It was just a normal hangout with my friends, and diner with my relatives.

That's it for the first episode. Stay tuned and do let me know if you liked it or not.

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