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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #1987970
News articles, exerpts, and narratives describing Sam Pearson's encounter with a mermaid.
Mollefort Daily News: April 14, 2012

"Boat of Teenagers Attacked by Mermaid"

Earlier today, around 2:00 PM off the shores of Hilo Beach, a boat of local teenagers was attacked by a "mermaid." The group was sitting idly just off the pier by Sea Bottom Café, about a mile out at sea, when a mysterious figure tried to capsize their boat, and even grabbed a girl by her arm and pulled her overboard.

"The sky was clear and the ocean was calm," started Cole Rotundo, age 20, "We were just chilling, had the boat anchored down, and were talking. We were about to swim around for a little bit, the girls had floats, but the boat started rocking before any of that. We could see something dark swimming around under the boat."

Rotundo states that the boat was pushed about four times before the figure surfaced. She is described as having thick black hair, blue eyes, and a long, fish-like tail.

"She poked her head out and glared at us," said Rotundo. "Then she grabbed the side of the boat and pulled herself up on the railing. That's when we saw her tail. It was blackish green and really slimy."

Once the creature pulled herself onto the boat, Rotundo says that she "made a weird, growly, gurgly sound" and reached for 19-year-old Devyn McLeod, who was closest to the being.

"It grabbed Devyn's arm and leapt off the side, dragging [Devyn] with her. She dove under, so me and Matt [Dunmore] jumped in after her. Matt got a hold of Devyn's arm and pulled her back. This thing was trying to drown her."

The creature did not reappear once McLeod had been rescued, just simply vanished into the ocean without a trace.
"We didn't see it again, but we weren't about to stay out on the ocean," Rotundo concludes.

Rotundo and his peers described the being to sketch artists, who created a portrait that has been distributed to local towns throughout the county. Since then, numerous persons have reported to the Mollefort County and City of Hilo police that they had seen a mysterious girl, matching the portrait, in various parts of the city. However, no sightings of the girl or creature have been reported after the time of the boat attack.

"There was something creepy about her," added Jason Swearngin, another passenger on the boat. "She had this weird, demented look in her eyes. And I heard the growling noise, too."

Local authorities advise against any late night swimming, or going out in your boats past the location of the teenagers' encounter.

"Of course, we can't put any regulations on swimming or sailing because of a mermaid attack," says Officer Phillips, head of Mollefort police, "but we do ask that you stay aware of your surroundings and exercise caution in and around the water."

Devyn McLeod is currently hospitalized, recovering from damage to her lungs and slight bruising along her left arm and ribs. Her lungs and blood are highly deoxidized, and although it’s not likely, death is a possibility.
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