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If each does a little, the earth will renew. (Form: Strambatto)
Cleansing Tears

Spring's gentle rain washes winter away.
I watch through the drops on my window pane
as the earth is reborn as a colored bouquet.
I suffer sadness that's hard to explain,
a subtle sense of death and decay,
caused by our silence and seeming disdain
for the unthinking harm that we perpetrate.
It's time that we stop, before it's too late.

The rain continues, heaven's cleansing tears.
As nature tries to heal the land, I see
the struggle and recognize that o'er the years
she's tried to protect each flower and tree.
It's time to stop hiding behind our fears
and help her restore her vitality.
If each does a little, the earth will renew.
If not now, then when? If not you, then who?

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An entry for "The Earth Day Challenge
Prompt: Earth Day.
Convention: Emphasis on Alliteration
Form: Strambotto ~ This was an early form of Italian poetry that was set to music by composers of the frottola and madrigals of the 16th century. The poetry is set into very strict stanzas of eight lines of eleven syllables. This type of stanza is known as rispetto or ottava rima. The musical rispetto was usualy dedicated to a lady love. There are 3 variations, based on rhyme scheme. Siciliano (a. b. a. b. a. b. a. b.), Toscano (a. b. a. b. a. b. c. c.), and Romagnuolo (a. b. a. b. c. c. d. d.)

Line Count: 16
Word Count: 126

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