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Sarah was an accident..
    Stacy was an avid fan of Cher. In the late 21st century Cher had
    transferred her memory patterns into her albums so that her fans could
    have meaningful conversations with her. Stacy let the jets of her bath
    wash over her as she confided in Cher. "Why did you kill yourself?"
    Stacy asked her ipod image of Cher. "I'm not really dead as long as people
    play may music and talk with my doppelganger .. It was a real trip talking
    with my computer self." The Martian felt a tug in her belly. "Are you okay kiddo?"
    Cher asked. "Oh..my. I think I just had a baby." Stacy lifted the red Martian up
    from between her legs.

    Cher gave a toothy smile, "That's great! What's... her name?"
    "Sarah. She's a princess." Stacy washed off the infant . Her skin was as red as
    the Martian soil. "Cherokee woman.." Cher began to sing. Stacy shut the ipod off.
    "Tomas?" she called out timidly as she carried her girl wrapped in towels .
    Tomas was not in their room. Stacy sat on her bed and let Sarah suckle.
    Congresswoman Whitney was with Tomas .. She succumb to her lust for the
    Martian man. "Amazing. Your hung like a bull, but you were born female."
    Tomas smiled and ran his hand through the congresswoman's soft red hair.
    "Our gentiles drop after puberty." he explained as he gazed at her porcelain
    slender figure. "You are so pale and frail."

    Whitney sat up as Stacy entered the bedroom, "You had the baby."
    Her face was ashen .. Stacy was holding her baby and swallowed her fear,
    "I .. didn't report to the Planned Parenthood officer.. They didn't notice."
    The congresswoman was on her feet and within seconds she had put on her
    silk robe and was seated at her computer.  "Martians." she muttered:
    "You wish to keep the infant?"  Stacy nodded nervously and clung to Sarah.
    "Justice Geovenito is on his way here with a Planned Parenthood officer.
    Jesus. Did you know how far along you were?" Whitney's ice blue eyes cut
    into Stacy's soul. .. "No-no. I just knew I could feel her inside me." Stacy looked
    over to Tomas. He had dressed and showed little emotion.

    "Well, the right to life is in the constitution, but this is an illegal birth.
    You will most likely both be arrested and your child will be taken into protective
    custody.. Any resistance is futile. Tomas do you here me?" Whitney looked worriedly
    at the giant Martian. "I understand." Tomas replied. "We have asylum?" Stacy asked.
    The congresswoman rubbed her eyes,  "Yes. But, national security supersedes it."
    "It will take time to sort this out." Justice Geovenito interjected as he entered with
    four Planned Parenthood officers. Three of the officers surrounded Tomas with guns
    drawn. The fourth took Sarah from Stacy's arms. "Your under house arrest."
    Justice Geovenito stated, "You as well as the congresswoman."  Whitney stood up and
    started to speak but said nothing. The Justice and Planned Parenthood officers left

    The congresswoman sat down with both her hands pressed on either temple of her
    head.  ... "No good deed goes unpunished." she muttered.
    Stacy began to keen in a low waling ... "Be silent!" Tomas commanded .. Stacy
    fell silent, returning to her bedroom.

    to be continued..
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