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Messy court battle with custody battle over children gone bad
Woke up this morning and all is normal
Four babies to dress for school and one to call in New York
Life is good, and my heart is at peace
Home is where the heart is, and my babies will be home soon

Home all-day and missing my babies, but I am okay
Four babies at school, and the one in New York is oh so cool
Life couldn’t be better; I am looking forward to family time and homework
I’m on my way to pick my babies up from the bus stop

Waited and waited, and then waited some more
Called the school, and drove the bus routes
Both buses couldn’t possibly be late, not today, my babies should be home
My heart is racing, what possibly could have gone wrong

Frantically, calling everyone I know, no answers or no one knows
Four babies didn’t come home, and the school day is long gone
Call the police, call my lover, where are our babies where can they be
Home is where the heart is, and my heart is torn

A call comes in from an unknown phone, the father took the babies
And they are not coming back home, he’s got them now, and I am alone
Children aren’t pawns in this war of love, but daddy doesn’t play fair
The father has rights, no harm done, the babies aren’t coming home

Living in a nightmare, never dreamed he’d go this far, but he did
My babies are at his house now, and they’ve been enrolled in another school
Go to court and test the rules, children's court can’t be fooled
My babies taken by the courts cause I got sick and out of control

My children are gone, and I’m at a loss because he’s got a lawyer
And I can’t pay the cost, went to court looking for fairness, but I lost
My children are gone, and there’s nothing I can do, the courts ruled
No contact, none at all, the babies can’t be influenced with the truth

Daddy is mad because I won’t come back home, he loves me still, and is all alone
The babies need me, I’m so blown, and he says he loves me, but takes my babies
What kind of love could do such a thing, love me and leave me destitute and alone
Now, I find someone to love me, care for me, and make my house a home

He takes my children away, and now my babies are gone!
He says come back home to that trap that held me for fifteen years?
Not today nor tomorrow, I’ll get me a lawyer and take my chances
The man I married took my children away, and now my children are gone.

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