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The mountain is treacherous. Is it even possible to climb? Not if you are doing it alone.
Dancing On the Mountain

I have found something to be true...the mountain is treacherous. The path is riddled with razor sharp rocks, loose stones, and steep trails. How can a human climb this mountain? Is it even possible?

Not if you are doing it alone.

But take heart, for you were not meant to make this journey alone. There is One called Faithful and True who knows the mountain. He knows which ways are solid and which are prone to landslides. He desires to be your constant Companion...an ever-present help in trouble.

He has not promised to make the path easier, but He will guide, and pull, and carry you up the steep paths. If you learn to trust Him, you will not fear the mountain. If you decide to praise Him in all circumstances, your feet will grow confident and your muscles strong. He will teach you not only how to climb, but how to run, leap, and dance on the high places. Like a deer walks sure-footed on the heights, so one day you will learn to dance, childlike and carefree along the steepest precipice.

That day has not yet arrived, but it is coming. Choose this day what you will do. Will you walk alone, or will you choose the Maker of the Mountain to be your guide?

I have chosen, and one day I will dance on the high places.
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