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Charisma is an exciting adventure and challenges what you thought you knew about the world

Liam wound up back at the house and found Allison and his mother out front. From across the drive, he watched the two interact beside the fountain. They laughed, joked, and really seemed to enjoy one another’s company.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Leo and called out, “Leo, can you bring my car?”

Leo hobbled to his feet, waving in acknowledgement.

Diane and Allison heard Liam’s call and signaled for him to join them.

Liam crossed the drive, walking up between the two. He put his arms around them both. “Here’s my two favorite ladies.”

“I just finished showing Allison the house. Did you know her mother lives in Birch Bay?” Diane informed.

“No, I didn’t. You and dad have friends who stay out there, don’t you?” Liam asked.

“Yes, our Canadian friends, Scott and Linda. Do you know Peter Doleman had a place up there for many years? Speaking of which, have you seen Peter today?”

“Actually, no I haven’t and that’s kind of weird because we were supposed to hook up here today,” Liam said. He completely forgot about Peter but quickly recalled their last visit. They were supposed to continue their earlier conversation here. Liam was actually relieved at Peter’s absence as the last conversation was too much geek for him. Peter was very excited about it though, and he didn’t want to hurt Peter’s feelings, so it was just as well.

“Peter never misses a Sunday. Not in years. He knows we’re only up here for six months at a time,” Diane said.

Turning to Allison, Liam explained, “Peter was a close friend of my real dad before he died. Peter has stuck with us all these years and made sure we were all looked after.”

“He even introduced Ron to me,” Diane said.

“Maybe he’s just running late,” Allison said.

“Late? It’s almost six o’clock. He knows everything pretty much shuts down by seven,” Diane said.

“Mom, Pete’s fine. Something must have come up. Something he couldn’t avoid,” Liam said reassuringly. Yet, the possibilities of Peter showing up late, made Liam want to get going.

“Well, you’d think he would at least call,” Diane said.

“Mom, you guys never answer the phone on Sundays. You make Leo hang out front all day dealing with the cars,” Liam said. His mom was wonderful but over the years, she had become too accustomed to servants and the privilege presented by their wealth.

“Oh, you’re right. I guess I better let you kids go. I’ll want to go up and check the phone, see if Peter has called,” Diane said as she turned and gave Liam and Allison hugs and kisses goodbye and then left for the main entry.

“Your car is ready Mr. Yager!” Leo shouted from across the drive.

Waving in response, Liam grabbed Allison’s hand and gently pulled her towards the waiting car.

Out of pity, or more likely guilt, Liam handed Leo another twenty after helping Allison into the passenger seat. A minute later, they were back on the rural two-lane highway heading for home.

“Can you find somewhere to pull over? I want to get changed,” Allison asked resting her hand in his lap.

Liam stopped at a pull out a mile up ahead and Allison jumped out. She opened the door to the back seat and pulled out the shopping bag with the orange and white shirt inside. Hiding behind the back door, she removed the wrap around skirt, the mock shirt, slipped on the slightly creased tee shirt and removed her bra. She left the belt off and sat down on the rear seat, removed the boots and slipped on her runners. Almost as an afterthought, she grabbed the Texaco ball cap, adjusted it for size and put it on slipping her ponytail through the opening in the back. After a couple of minutes, she was back in the front passenger seat slipping on her twenty dollar sunglasses.

Watching her settle in, Liam noticed her breast size was slightly smaller with the removal of the bra, which must have provided a great deal of padding. They were still at least a double D and the need for the padding was obvious.

It wasn’t hard for Allison to notice Liam’s affixation with her breasts. She smiled. “Do you like what you see?” She asked taking his left hand.

“Very much so,” Liam answered, gently pulling her close and they began to kiss.

“Okay,” Allison said, pushing his hand away. “If we start this, we aren’t going to make it home and besides, what if one of your relatives drives by?”

Understanding the logic, Liam slipped the car into gear and peeled away.

It was growing well into evening and the sun was just above the horizon. The air was still warm but they kept the air conditioner off and the windows open. The coastal breeze felt soothing and calming.

“Did you get anything to eat while we were there?” Liam asked after they had been driving for about forty minutes.

“Escargots. Your mother and I had escargots together,” she said.

“Well there’s a service station up ahead. Do you want to get a coffee or something?”

“I would love a coffee.”

A minute later Liam rolled onto the lot of a large Exxon station. He pulled up to the front and stopped the car. Opening the center console, he fished out his wallet and unbuckled his seatbelt.

“I’ll go in,” Allison said grabbing his wallet and pulling a twenty.

Surprised by her statement, considering her attire, he answered. “Really? You’re not concerned with what people might think?”

“Are you?” She asked.

“Not at all, I like the idea,” he said encouragingly.

“Okay,” she said leaping out. She walked up to the front of the car and stood center stage. She took a moment to look around and when nobody was paying attention, she rolled back her shoulders and pushed out her chest. Reaching behind, she pulled the shirt tight and tied a quick knot, and then with a naughty grin she marched and pranced towards the front entryway.

A small man of about forty hit the door around the same time as Allison. He was preoccupied and paying little attention to life itself until he spotted her breasts. He almost fell over trying to get the door for her. She thanked him with a smile and a little shake of her booty.

Liam watched her disappear into the store and his attention turned to a sudden vibration, which repeated in the center console. Liam opened it up and found his Blackberry in its black leather holster. He had completely forgotten about it in the past twenty-four hours. He slipped it out of the case and checked for messages. Only junk email. He decided to clip it onto his side so he wouldn’t forget about it later. He closed the console and continued to wait.

The front door of the store burst open with three men scrambling to hold it as Allison stepped through carrying a tray with two coffees and small paper bag. She thanked them with a smile and headed for the car. The three men stared after her.

She came to the driver’s window and passed Liam the coffee, then walked back to the passenger side. Before she got in, she turned back to the men and rolled back her shoulders one last time. She offered a curt little wave and then turned and climbed in.

“That didn’t freak you out did it?” She asked.

“No, if it was up to me, we’d be making love on the hood right now,” Liam confessed setting the coffees into the travel holders mounted in front of the console.

“Love?” She asked.

“Oh yeah, I definitely think I’m in love,” he said starting the car. He shifted into reverse and began backing out.

“If I had thought you wouldn’t have freaked, I would have flashed those guys,” she admitted.

“I wouldn’t have been freaked. Mind you, it would be nice if I saw them first.”

She undid the knot. “Good point.” And lifted her shirt revealing her naked breasts.

Liam stopped the car from backing and took a long good look. Then he noticed the three men were still watching. They had a long good look.

Realizing what was happening; Allison quickly pulled down her shirt and blushed.

Dumping the shifter into drive, Liam peeled out of the parking lot and headed for the interstate.
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