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A royal teenger feels something strange about the sky he can't explain.
Mortimer looked at the sky from his chamber in one of the castle towers as he was admiring its hue of blue.  Since he was six years old he simply called it blueberry for the sky mimicked the cheerful sweetness and the eye pleasing essence associated with the small fruit. Suddenly the daze he was adrift in was dissolved by a soft voice.

“Mortimer, you ought to spend less time gazing at the sky and more time communing with your royal patrons and siblings. Milena has been asking you for two weeks to go riding with her and you keep forgetting.  “

“Oh but mother, the blueberry sky is so beautiful and calming. I’d rather stay here all day than do anything else.”

He smiled as he saw a grey eagle passed over the castle spires in the distance.   

“I envy the birds; to fly amidst the firmament each day. Sometime I feel the blueberry sky is calling me to some heavenly place.”

“These are just feelings, it happens to us all when we daydream.”

“Yet I feel it is something more.”

“What if you and Milena went riding into the forest? You may find some blueberries and I know how much you love them too.”

Mortimer smiled slightly and nodded.  “Very well, I’ll go”

“Good.  Your sister will be glad.”

Without a further word, he left and walked through the many corridors, hallways, and arches and went down a few stone staircases until Mortimer reached the stables where he found his sister Milena already mounted on a horse. It had a brown mane down its head and neck.

“So, what did mom say to you?”

“Nothing really, I just figured I’d go with you this time,” said Mortimer as he put his foot on a holster and lifted himself onto a horse. “Okay, let us get moving,” he finished as they then trotted down the main street with citizens waving to them and gave gleeful greetings.  A heavy set man standing outside a blacksmith’s booth wearing a shirt and tunic smeared in soot addressed the two riders.

“Hello young lords. Off to go exploring in the woods? Just do not go in too deep. They say strange things happen in the heart of the forest.”

Milena and Mortimer glanced at each other then back at the man before responding.

“Since when has this been spread abroad?” said Milena with a frown.

“Ah, if you only spent more time in the common holds. About half a score have reported an odd light coming from the depths of the forest nevertheless none have ever pursued the light.  Some folks think it is ghosts.”

The two royal siblings stared at the man mystified and bewildered.  Milena shook her head and relinquished her emotions caused by the man’s words and responded irritably.

“That is a fool’s tale. These “witnesses” are just spreading rumors.  Come Mortimer, let’s go.”

“I believe him. There is feeling within me I can’t explain.”

Milena grunted at her brother and disregarded his intuition. “Oh Mortimer, if it is not the sky it is something else.”

Mortimer watched his sister dash into the forest.  With a few moments of hesitation he followed after her.

Milena enjoyed looking at the trees and animals that surrounded her.  The trunks and boughs were a healthy rich brown as squirrels played about them. She took in the smell of bark and the moist sent of the grass that filled her lungs as the wind blew across her face while she rode.

“Isn’t this wonderful Mortimer!” she asked peering at him to the left.

He however was spending more time looking over head at the blueberry sky through the leaves and branches. 

Milena just rolled her eyes and returned to the wonderful display of nature.  Soon the canopy of trees became thicker and less sunlight was coming through.  After about twenty minutes, she gave the word to halt and return.

“It’s getting really dark; it’s time to go back.”   

“Just a little bit deeper,” Mortimer said with exuberance.

“You’re trying to see that light that the man talked about.”

“Yes, and if you want to go back that is fine.”

“The only thing we’ll find is ourselves lost in an immense forest.” Milena pulled back on the reigns and the horse bucked as it came to an abrupt halt.  Mortimer did the same.

“Go if you are scared.  The further I go the more I sense something.”

“Oh, Mortimer,” Milena said in tears. “I don’t want to lose you. Any further and you’ll forget your way home.  I’m going home to send a search party.” She rubbed her eyes and turned around and left Mortimer.

He continued riding deeper and deeper until he saw it; a blueberry light just as the sky. He rode further and found a glowing orb that was emitting it.  He dismounted and approached the object. He was startled by a voice coming from the orb that sounded like a soft whistling wind.

“Hello Mortimer.” “I’m the blueberry orb.”

“I feel like I know you somehow. Where are you from?” 

“I am a messenger who comes from the sky.” The orb resonated with each word.

“Why are you here?”

Mortimer was not afraid; on the contrary he felt a liberating peace.

“I’ve been waiting her take you home; to the blueberry sky.”

“I knew it, all my life!-but why have I been here all my existence?”

Once you were a sky being like me but you were curious what human life was like so you became one.  Now it is time to return. All you must do touch me and your essence will be united with your true family in the blueberry sky.”

“But I have a family on earth too.”

“You must choose.”

“I’m sorry but I would have love then any kind of feeling no matter how great. I choose to stay.”     

“So be it.”

Then it vanished and so Mortimer would never be part of the blueberry sky.         




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