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Raditz, Nappa, and Prince Vegeta take embarrassing pictures of other galactic criminals.
Two years before the Saiyan Invasion, on Planet Frieza #79, Raditz, Nappa, and Prince Vegeta were assigned to clean the storage facility because they recently failed a mission. The three Saiyans were humiliated at becoming cleaning maids, and felt that they didn't get enough respect from Frieza and his goons Dodoria and Zarbon. When they finished cleaning the storage room, Raditz took a picture of Nappa and Prince Vegeta using an old camera that he found while cleaning, but it caused the Saiyan General and the Saiyan Prince to go temporarily blind.

While walking outside for some fresh air, Raditz took pictures of the wildlife in the forest outside of the base just to mock them. Then, Cui came and said "Did you maids finish cleaning the storage facility?", so Raditz took a picture of him, and while Cui was temporarily blinded, Raditz threw him in the trash can, and rolled it along the pathway. Even though they had a good chuckle about that, Prince Vegeta was still upset about being reduced to cleaning maids, but then Raditz saw an old calendar that fell out of the trash can, and he got an idea. He suggested that they travel around the galaxy to take pictures of other galactic criminals, aka Frieza's competition, and turn them into a calendar to give to Frieza for his birthday, which was in 3 days. He said that they'd be pictures of the embarrassing stuff that the criminals do when they think that they’re alone, and that this would finally get the three Saiyans the respect that they deserved. Nappa was in, but Prince Vegeta thought that the idea was completely stupid and idiotic, but he just went along to make sure that his two fellow Saiyans didn't get into any trouble. So the 3 Saiyans travelled to Planet IL-Eagle, where multiple intergalactic criminals reside.

Their first victims were "The Rapper Boys", who normally do small jobs who claimed that Frieza sucked, but they were doing graffiti saying "Long Live Lord Frieza!" So while Nappa and Prince Vegeta stayed behind to observe in the bushes, Raditz, holding the camera, tip-toed, crawled, and walked on his fingers, until he appeared behind them, and took the photo, then he and his 2 fellow Saiyans made a break for it. They lost the Rapper Boys, and the 3 Saiyans proceeded to claim their next victims.

Next, they snuck into the cabin of "Mamaw and Pawpa", a heartless hillbilly couple who have recently given birth to a baby boy. Nappa pretended to be a trophy head, Prince Vegeta pretended to be a fish trophy, and Raditz hid under a space bear pelt. While Mawma & Pawpa were baby-talking to their newborn son, Raditz popped up and snapped the picture, but this made the baby cry. Enraged, Pawpa grabbed his blaster and the 3 Saiyans ran out of the cabin. Raditz and Nappa hid behind the fence, then Raditz asked "Where's our crown prince?", then they both heard a crash, then Nappa replied "Found him!" Prince Vegeta had slipped on a banana peel, and crashed into a bunch of trash cans, and not only did he smell really bad, he was also very upset. But before he could say anything, Raditz saw a girl in the window of a house. They flew over to the house, but then, the Rapper Boys popped up in front of them. They were upset about that trick that Raditz pulled and were about to strike a blow on them. But before Nappa & Prince Vegeta could retaliate, Raditz took another picture and temporarily blinded their attackers. The 3 Saiyans then threw them into a garbage dumpster, & rolled it down the street, and they laughed so hard, they felt like their organs would pop.

Flying onto a tree branch outside the window, Raditz recognized the girl as "Violent Violet", a criminal who uses her beauty to seduce men and attack them. At the moment, Violent Violet was doing aerobics while watching an aerobics video and shook her booty while she was completely butt naked! Raditz thought that it was very sexy and started drooling, but Prince Vegeta slapped his face and ordered him to take the picture. He was just about to, but then, the tree branch snapped and all 3 Saiyans fell on the ground. Violent Violet heard the noise, but when she looked out the window, she saw nothing and went to get a beverage. Nappa and Prince Vegeta were lying face down in the dirt, but Raditz landed on his back, and a photo of the scared and surprised look on his face landed on his face, which made Bardock & Gine's 1st-Born Son very annoyed.

The next criminal was "The Butcher", a mad chef who kills endangered species of animals across the galaxy and cooks them into delicious meals to serve to his customers at his restaurant. But the Saiyans saw that he was making the meat using artificial ingredients, and didn't use any real endangered animal species in his meals. Raditz was unable to get a good shot from outside through the window, so he picked the lock of the door using a hair pin, opened the door just a little bit, but before he could take a picture, Nappa burst through the door to consume meat byproducts. The Butcher saw them and told them to get out, but Raditz took the picture, and while temporarily blinded, the Butcher fell off the ladder and into his meat processor, popping out as a wiener. While the 3 Saiyans couldn't help but laugh at his predicament, the Butcher called his pet space lion Leo to attack them. Nappa managed to get out and Raditz managed to slam the door shut just in time, but Leo slammed into the door so hard, that the 3 Saiyans flew off into the distance and land on the street.

When the 3 Saiyans landed, they fell into some barrels in an ally. Prince Vegeta saw that the barrels contained chemicals that nullified a person's ability to use Energy. Suddenly, The Rapper Boys, Mawma & Pawpa, Violent Violet, & The Butcher cornered the Saiyans in the ally. Without their ability to control their Energy, Nappa quickly threw a garbage dumpster at them, & they made a break for it. While running, the criminals were chasing them in vehicles. Then, Mawma flicked bananas far up the street, and the 3 Saiyans slipped on then, crashed threw an auto store, got stuck in an XXL tire, rolled along the road, crashed through a metal fence, down a ledge, and into a creek. The criminals were pleased as they thought they'd never see them again, and went away.

But they survived. With their heads in the water, they drifted down the creek & into a giant sewer pipe. When they flipped upwards, the wretched odor disgusted them. Then, Nappa saw and grabbed a ladder, which they used to climb out of the sewers & into a trailer park. Prince Vegeta was fed up with all this & ordered his cohorts to return to Planet Frieza #79 at once. He used his Scouter to call and bring the Attack Balls to their location. But Raditz said "We're not leaving yet! One more snap, and we finish the calendar."

Then the saw the trailer of "The Krank Sisters", 3 slutty sisters who vandalized every house of every town & city in 15 planetary systems. Raditz saw them up on the 3rd floor of the trailer, so Prince Vegeta stood on the bottom, Nappa in the middle, & Raditz on the top. He saw them wet in towels & dying their hair. When he snapped the picture, they saw him the window. The 3 Saiyans tried to make a break for it, but they got caught in the clothesline. Because they still lacked the ability to control their Energy because of the chemicals, they were helpless as the Krank Sisters gave them each a makeover.

They had managed to return to Planet Frieza #79 2 days later unseen. They covertly retreated to their quarters, where they tried to get the stuff off. Raditz realized that the camera was missing, then Cui barged in & snapped a photo. The next day, on Frieza's birthday, he received a calendar containing an embarrassing picture of Raditz, Nappa, & Prince Vegeta in girl wigs, manicures & pedicures, makeup, & girly stuff on their Battle Armor. The entire Frieza Force laughed uncontrollably to no end. The 3 Saiyans had been made the laughing stock of Frieza's Entire Empire! While looking out the window from within their quarters, Prince Vegeta said to Raditz "I told you this was a stupid, idiotic, & mediocre idea!!!" And he & Nappa proceeded to beat the crap out of their comrade.

The End!
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