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Sleep while u can
The darkness and the stench of stail ciggirettes I golfed the meeting place of the Kline comity. Dark yes but at what cost would it be to witness the evil the had givin birth to? Silence was not an option. The screams echoed with a pulse to them that made the room feel as though the blood of the screamers flowed through the walls that surrounded the men. 6 today Jacob Kline announced with a smile so devilish it was hard to believe he was not the devil him self. 6 more useless motherfuckers to join us in our journey. Jacob smiled again this time his grin was bigger and even more evil. Skeleton my friends are all we become with a shot of whiskey and a bottle of rum we start our eve upon the blood that belongs not to you nor to me but if those we force to never sleep.
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