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Things i've wondered
How would you feel if I poured out my feelings to you then walked away?

How would you feel if everything went wrong?

How would you feel if you were just waiting for the right time and then I just went away?

Do you know how much this hurts?

Do you know how much my head is spinning?

Do you know how hard it is for me to hide?

Why can’t you see what you’ve done to me?

Why can’t you feel the pain you gave me?

Why can’t you just understand the wrongs you’ve done?

When did you give up?

When did you decide to hurt me?

When did you figure out you’d leave my life forever?

Where was I during all this?

Where did all the feelings go?

Where in time would you have decided to let go?

Who told you that it was okay just to play me like that?

Who would you have left me for?

Who could you have helped you make this plan?

These questions ponder in my head more and more coming to mind.

I can not answer any of these, I can’t believe I cried

If someone could make you wonder  all these questions

then they do not belong with you

Friends or Best Friends, Boys or Girls

Be Careful what you believe

Because it might just be shit

So stay true to yourself and be strong

Don't deal with peoples bull crap except your own.
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