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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #1989389
Genetically modified Bean is embroiled in an identity crisis.
Being Bean

A whirlwind invites debris into an upturned ceramic pot and deposits particulate to mix with a single dew droplet. Fast forward a week and amongst the moistened soil erupts, rather radically, the plumule of Bean.

Chapter 1.1 caught red-handed

Jack, a browsing jersey cow moves around sorting through the restio covered brush lapping up just the sweetest, sort-after shoots that meander their way to the top of the treacherous canopy. A solitary mauve Watsonia flower who's stem hiked the elevated journey paused abruptly at the sill of a pot and was caught up in a bout of procrastination. Mesmerized by a ray of sunshine refracted through a sugary droplet, miraculously appears the silhouette of a spurt of growth, transfixed like the crow scarier in the lower meadow.

Along a narrow path, away from the thicket, and slightly towards a crevice in an ant hill, lies a piece of honey comb, baking in the afternoon Sun.

The neighbourhood is on high alert. The local press suspects the badger, but pitched fork carrying members of the drone community opts for street justice by electing a vigilante committee.

Chapter 1.2 war of the worlds

3047 May seem like the year this story unfolds, but it actually refers to the number of ants recruited for the synchronised efforts of the African Honey Bees to thwart a a thieving hoodlum. A point became a line and soon that line meandered down a path and across a field, up the branches of a tree, down a few leaves and back towards the path. At a quarter to three the marching soldiers at the front halted and by ten minutes to, the back of the line had also came to a complete stop. A squadron of wasps and a lone dung beetle named Eddy, flew past with Eddy waving at the ants below.
In the frontline things were also moving along. The swarm of locusts had formed a lager around the unsuspecting badger who nonchalantly continued with his late afternoon riparian picnic. With a rather sly grin he licked the sticky, yet tasty, morsels of drooping honey from his coat, while observing the alertness of the Bees plan.
“Would you like some?” Brock asked looking at the full regiment of insects that had swarmed in on him. He wasn’t much bothered by some of those fierce stares and scolding eyes. He lazily looked up at the mob as he gobbled down the last waxy bits that had found itself between his fingers. Then without much further thought laid himself down on the sun baked lawn, and fell asleep.

Chapter 1.3. a leap of faith

Elsewhere one half root released from being heavily rooted in part clay part silt created enough leverage for Beans other half-root-limb to be extracted. And with vigour and righteousness Bean took the first steps like a newborn Serengeti Buffalo calf does in lieu of hungry predators laying in wait. A luminous ray of sunshine drew Bean's line of sight towards a shiny 1979 South African 1 rand coin strewn amongst prehistoric tyres. As Bean reached out with one of his dangling appendages he was transported through a worm hole created by man as a last resort to the ever increasing piles of rubbish.

Later that noon two agents in search of a tiny bag investigates the scene.

A slimy footprint of a snail called Clivia conceals the remnants of a small foil package with red heavily weathered barcoded words. As an offset for 2 weeks of heavy carbon-Di excretion during his gap year between tours, Clivia vowed to voluntarily deliver the community's mail. Having been created in a Nigerian Lab, Clivia's sensory dermis processes the rather large barcode and in an instant the molecular profile of Bean is posted on a wanted-poster-template and dispatched across the nebula to the Nigerian headquarters in Accra.

Minimizing a phishing screen the Secretary of one of Kenya's high ranking officials presses 7 alpha numeric codes into the side of a matchbox and quacks like three times while holding the box to her nose. A buzzing sound followed by rather ominous twirling smoke signals travels from the gadget and is sniffed into her nasal passage and a single sneeze informs her to waddle towards her boss in somewhat of a hurry.

Chapter 1.4 the investigation

A team of Nigerian crime scene investigators deployed through a highly exclusive interplanetary body of Interpol combs the area.

Covered in latex sub agent Orange and his squire;  Wilson combs through the hairy coat of a wandering cow for clues. Having a level 3 dumpster diving qualification, Wilson is certified to consume while diving. You see, unlike Orange Wilson has a peculiar investigation ploy. He tastes and nibbles tidbits found in the examination. Before Orange could summon Wilson, Wilson had already helped himself to the buffet of microorganisms, ticks, dieters larvae and fleas that pestered the poor heifer for days.

No dampening evidence linked Jack to the sachet, but as Orange uploaded his rigidity, Wilson hopped onto clone41267; Dolly the sheep for lunch.
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