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thoughts for one

  There will always be no one like you,
  and always I'll say it's true.
  Always I'll think of you
  In all I say and all I do.

  Always you will be on my mind,
  as always because I'm left behind.
  but not by choice we did part,
  always I'll remember the start.

  Always when alone I'll miss you so,
  always wondering why you did go.
  I always remember how I held you,
  and always the things I said too.

  Sad that always I'll miss those moments,
  glad I always had that moment.
  always remembering those special days,
  and always wishing they never went away.

  Because you will be always,
  at least to me always,
  as always a part of my heart is missing,
  because I always knew my lonely position.

  Always each day I will go back,
  and always will try to keep tract.
  always remembering how it felt,
  and always wanting it all back.

  Because always is part of me,
  who we were and what should be.
  But always seemed to find me there.
  always I lost and no one cared.

  Still always there will never be another you,
  and always I'll go on thinking of you.
  Because always, I miss you every day.
  Always regretting those things I say.

  Always I'll pray your doing OK
  and always I'll wonder if I had another way.
To tell you that you were always
  and always remain anyway.

  Like when I always gazed into your eyes,
  always I'd smile because you arrived.
  Into my world you'll always be,
  a part of you and a part of me.

  I'll always regret that I lost you,
  and wonder always what I could or might do.
  Always I'll cry those silent tears,
  always never finding your ears.

  And always each night I will call your name,
  because like always, it's never the same.
  And always I'll wish I could start again,
  and wish that I never lost my best friend.

  It is because you are always,
  no one will take your place.
  And in my every dream,
  I'll always see that beautiful face...always.

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