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Rated: E · Draft · Comedy · #1989880
A rough idea for a story or screenplay. Work in progress.
Brain, Inc.
(The Folks Who Run My Brain, from inside my brain)

Scene 1: A busy, daytime office setting. The following are present...

Day Staff:
VP of Conscience and Rationalization, SuperEgo Division
Analytics Specialist (Business Intelligence Department)
Cost/Benefit Analyst, ROI and Risk Assessment (Accounting Department)
Moral Code Officer (Human Resources)
Conscience (Legal Department)
Senior Director of Ego
Communications Officer (HR)
Compassion Agent (SS)
Memory and Retrieval Expert (Information Technology Department)
* Instinct Specialist (Operations, managed under Id Division, works 24/7)

Comm Officer: "Incoming telephone communication from Audio...provider is Grandma... Interpretation and Compassion on standby:
Grandma says 'I need you to help out this weekend. Your cousin is going to be out of town, and we won't be ready for the reunion in time if you can't come help put up the awnings, tables and chairs. We also need you to construct the stage.'"

Instinct Specialist: "No! I don't want to give up my weekend to work!"

Compassion Agent: "Memory, report on all the nice things Grandma has done for us lately!"

Memory and Retrieval: "Remember a couple days ago when she made that amazing dinner for us after we worked that 10 hour shift? And last birthday when she spent all day making that amazing cake, and her and Grandpa saved up so they could buy that new computer for us..."

Moral Code Officer: "Family comes first. As Conscience pointed out to me, we have a binding duty here."

Rationalization Agent: "It seems to me that it's not fair that Cousin Steven gets to do his thing, when he knew Grandma was counting on his help. We already had plans and we worked all week at our job."

VP of SuperEgo: "What does Accounting have to say?"

Cost/Benefit Analyst: "Sir, based on the numbers provided by Analytics, the Costs are tangible and straighforward: partial loss of two days and physical exersion. The Benefits are more intangible, but significant: 1) Positive feelings of self-worth; 2) adherance to our personal moral code will satisfy Legal; 3) physical activity is good for the body; and 4) Compassion will be happy with our gains in family reputation.
On the risk assessment, there is the potential we may get tired or feel less peppy at work next Monday, and we'll have to juggle a few things in the personal care department."

Instinct Specialist: "I don't care! I wanted to game this weekend and sleep in late. I'm filing a complaint! I won't stand for this kind of thing!"

VP of SuperEgo: (sighs loudly)
"Fine. Analytics, prepare a report for the night team. Looks like we aren't going to resolve this one today, folks."

* * *

Scene 2: Office is dimmly lit, and night staff arrives.

Night Team:
VP of Intuition and Instinct, Id Division (coordinates with the day team)
Senior Director of Dreams, Id Division
Analogy Department (On call 24-hours)
Imagery Consultant (Marketing)
Sensory Input Director, Visual, Audio, Taste and Scents, and Touch (IT)
Empathic Agent (Social Services Department)

VP of Id: "Attention, all staff! We have an unresolved report from the day team...
I want Analogy working on representations, and Empathy working on emotional conflicts. Imagery, you work with Analogy. "
(He notices someone unexpected in a corner cubicle.)
"Hey you, Analytics! What are you still doing here? We don't pay overtime! Go home!"

Analytics: "Sorry, sir. I guess I just got carried away. I just wanted to run through the scenario one more time, and I guess the time got away from me."

VP of Id: (grunts as Analytics scurries out)
"Dream team: Costumes! Makeup! You have 3 minutes!"

* * *

Scene 3: The lights dim further and a stage lifts out of the center floor area. A spotlight highlights the area as actors from the Instinct Department begin a dream scene.

Sensory Input Director: (Voice in the background)
"Visual and Audio inputs cued for transfer... Ready... Set... Cue Action!"

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1989880