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knowledge is a common factor
knowledge is a fact,not common
fact is a common factor
knowledge is a fact of the common
the fact is to achieve
the pride of the fact is knowledge
facts,pride,achieve,it is common
self-pride is self-fact
honesty is common to a pride
honesty is self-pride to a common

the factor is our self-pride
the facts of the factor is the pride
achievement is common
achievement is pride
self-pride is self-act
knowledge is self-act
knowledge is pride knowledge self-act
we act as a self-act of knowledge
we act as a common factor

the facts of the fact is the factor
once we are achieve we are common
once we are knowledge we are common
once we are fact we are self-pride
once we are pride we are self-act
honesty is the factor of knowledge
self-pride is self-act of an honesty
base on our knowledge we are common of our honesty
the factor is to be honest of our honesty
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