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Rated: 18+ · Monologue · Tragedy · #1990068
A monologue of my character Chon Kay from Starmage Academy, regarding himself.
I wake with the morning birds chirping, my hand moving on instinct to the red blindfold which veils my eyes. Or rather the lack of them, you see for I do not have actual eyes. I used to long ago, back then in happier times. Before I was here in a school for the supernatural.

I fling the bed covers off and move to a seated position on the bed. I move my hands to tighten the blindfold, then after doing so I place them in front of my chi vision.

They glow dark blue as I see them, I've seen this way for about ten years now, after that incident so long ago. But at least I can discern people's motives by seeing the chi energy they give off. These dark blue hands....They are instruments of slaughter and violence, far too often they have been stained with the blood of others.

But I wasn't always like this, to make any sense of it all I go back to when I was 8. Back to when it all started for me. As far as I knew the only member of my family was my older Brother, I didn't know my parents. But it must have been due to money, China is known for having too many large families. So I never knew them, I don't even know if they're still alive. I doubt they'd want to meet me anyway, considering what I've become.

But regardless life was good, my older Brother was called Chung. He was a good deal older than me, in his mid teens or so. It was the pair of us in Beijing, a small apartment to ourselves. I never knew what my Brother did for a living, but he was able to pay for me to go to school. He even gave me lessons on basic marital arts, he told me that the world was a dangerous place and I may have needed to protect myself.

How soon that would become, at the time though I never actually expected it to come so quick. It was the eve of my eight birthday, and I thought it would be just like the other ones. My Brother would buy me a nice cake and we'd watch kung fu action movies, it might sound a bit stereotypical but Bruce Lee was my idol growing up.

Then came a knock at the door, Chung acted strange. I was a tad worried too I remember, no one ever knocked on our door. Usually the only person to come at the door was the postman, and then my Brother looked at the peeping hole at the door. I remember his eyes going wide and then a look of determination set upon it.

"What's wrong elder Brother?" I asked him.

In a second he grabbed me by the shoulders and muttered "Listen there's no time, you must hide in the cupboard in your bedroom and do not leave it until the coast is clear. Bad people are attacking and I must drive them off. Do you understand?"

I remember feeling afraid, but in my childish naivety I thought my older Brother was invincible. So I did as he asked, moving into my room and past my bed into my cupboard. I curled up into it and closed the doors of it, with only a slit to give me vision into my room.

Then I heard muffled sounds, I could hear the door of our apartment breaking. My eyes went wide, then I heard my Brother fighting whoever had entered. Then I heard some odd sounds, it sounded like lightning, I heard it several times too. Shortly after was the sound of several women laughing and then nothing, all I could hear was the howl of the wind from my window.

I don't know how long I waited in that cupboard, but I moved out of it and muttered "Are you okay elder Brother?" there was no response, only the howl of the wind once again. Each step I took made my legs feel like a piano in the water.

I slowly opened the door of my bedroom, the hallway leading to the living room felt darker than normal. The hairs on my neck standing on end, the feeling of dread seeping into me.

And then I made my way to the door to the living room, it was open just a crack. "Elder Brother?" I said once again, no response. I hoped he was only knocked out, but that's the funny thing about hope. In times of need and hardship you cling to it, but it's only there to be held onto. In the end it does nothing for you.

My hand pushed onto the door, the creak of it sounding like a thunder storm to my troubled ears. And then what I saw would haunt me for the rest of my days.....

Chung laid there in the living room, smashed through the table and couch of the room. Smoke came off the wounds he had on his body, a light sizzling noise entered my ears as I realised the lightning earlier must've cooked him. He was dead.

My eyes were wide, I fell to my knees. I thought it wasn't happening, that it was a bad dream and wasn't real. I screamed my lungs out till I could produce no more sound from my lungs. And then the last thing I saw was my hands, they moved closer to my eyes and.....

It all went dark, and it stayed that way. It was dark when I felt my small body placed in a bed, a pulse machine near me.

Then I was told what happened by people who told me the truth, the truth that killed my Brother. He died at the hands of witches, real ones too. I was told what my Brother actually did for a living, he was a supernatural hunter. The ones who killed him had been sent to a supernatural prison, only they escaped and hunted him down.

And then I was told why I could only see darkness, I lost my sight. My eyes were gone, in my fear I had torn them out with my bare hands and blacked out after. But I couldn't care less about my sight, for I only had one thing in my view. And that was revenge.

The next few years were a blur, I adapted my other senses to compensate for my lack of sight. The supernatural hunters who took me in gave me lessons in the power of chi energy, it turns out that all myths were true after all. Witches were real, so were vampires and chi energy just wasn't a part of Chinese tales after all.

In time I could see with this chi energy, by detecting the chi given off by others I could spot them a mile away. I could even determine if they were good or evil by the colour of it. Blue was for good, white was neutral and red was evil. Dark colours were chaotic and light colours were lawful.

As for how I would fight these supernatural beings, I furthered my studies in marital arts. I studied the art of kenpo and muay thai, the force of my fists enhanced by that of my chi energy enabled me to destroy most things.

My first kill was at 16 years of age, I was working alongside friends of my Brother. They wanted to bring in one of the killers alive, but I wanted her to leave in a bodybag. So what I did was I faked my kidnapping, I let her get close to me. She was a witch who went against the rules of the hidden world, but I could care less about that. All I cared about was getting her to pay, I was young and easily led by my anger.

And then when she dragged me to a rooftop I broke free from her magic, my seething hatred nullifying the effects of her binding spell. A look of shock adorned her face, it then turned to pure terror as I neared her. She pleaded for mercy, but I wasn't listening.

With a thrust of my left hand I impaled her in the chest, my bloodied hand going through her and out the back. She wobbled a little before I pushed her away with my other hand, her body went off the ledge and hit a car below.

So that was what killing felt like? To feel someone's life ebb from them and trickle from my grasp? My head looked down to my arm as the fresh blood dripped onto the floor, I began breathing heavily. It felt wrong, like it was something that I should not have done.

But it was what I wanted wasn't it? To get revenge? I wasn't sure, but I knew one thing for certain. These hands had killed, and the blood would be washed off yet still be there. I had crossed the line of no return, in fact I think I did that when I tore out my eyes.

The next couple of years would be me staying at starmage academy, I would further my studies in marital arts. To the point where I could fight several grown men by myself, although I often found myself haunted by nightmares. For after that first kill I had a lack of pity to those who tried to kill me.

Those who attempted to take my life would find themselves slain by my hands, they started it and I would finish it. But somewhere in my heart was a nagging voice, telling me not to do it. To do so was going against human nature, and then I also began to wonder....

What makes me any better than those I hunt? Will I kill more people than they have?
The nightmare I had would always be the same, I was on a battlefield. My foes on one side and me on the other. And in single file they'd move towards me, and I killed them one by one.

But since recently I've had that nightmare less frequently, perhaps it's because of the children I've taken in. A pair of girls named Viva and Vouge, twins who had an abusive Mother. In fact they're the same age as I was when I lost my Brother, I swore not to let them go down the paths that I took.

But perhaps in doing so can I be redeemed? Surely one of my Brother's murderers must remain, if only to bear the guilt of it. I do not know for certain what will occur, but I've begun thinking....Perhaps the people I stay with, are my new family.

If so then I shall ensure a better future, for myself and those who I stay with. So with that I feel the warmth of the sun and rub my blindfold with my left hand, intent on starting about on this task...I mutter one thing.

"Elder Brother....Have I been a fool? My youth is no excuse for what I've done, however I shall make things right. If only so those girls prosper because of me."
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1990068